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I am a highly passionate and experienced actress, writer, director, and filmmaker, driven by a tireless desire to captivate and entertain audiences. My love for the art of filmmaking blossomed at a tender age of four, as I sat alongside my mother in my grandmother's kitchen, engrossed in the TV series "Sister Sister" while she styled my hair. When my mother asked what I aspired to be, I responded with unbridled confidence and an infectious smile, "I'm going to be a star." It was in that moment, corrected by my mother who explained that Tia and Tamera Mowry were actresses, that I discovered my deep-seated passion for acting and filmmaking.
My path to an acting career has been marked by challenges. Witnessing my mother's relentless efforts to raise three children, I refrained from burdening her with additional commitments such as after-school activities or auditions. However, one day, an opportunity presented itself when a talent agency scouted for new talent. Summoning my courage, I mustered the strength to ask my mother if I could audition. Though circumstances prevented her from accompanying me to the callback interview, I remained steadfast in my determination, silently vowing to pursue my dreams.
After graduating from Southwest DeKalb High School in 2010, I enrolled in Theater at Georgia Perimeter College during the Fall semester. Regrettably, I lacked the responsibility required and failed to attend classes, eventually withdrawing and dropping out. Years passed, and a nagging feeling persisted, telling me that I was missing my true calling. Fueling my passion, I sought background roles, networked with industry professionals, and diligently honed my craft through acting classes.
Since then, I have achieved notable milestones in my career. Notably, I portrayed a supporting role in the short film "Still Goin Thru It," directed by Blake Sayso Living. Additionally, I have authored multiple scripts and taken on the roles of filmmaker and director, producing my own film entitled "KICKED Back" in 2022. The film received recognition as a Semi-Finalist in the esteemed Paris International Short Festival and was selected as a finalist in the Atlantic Bridge Film Festival. Currently, I am immersed in the creation of the film's sequel, "The Get Back."
With unwavering dedication, an unyielding work ethic, and an unquenchable thirst to entertain, I am poised to continue making significant contributions to the world of acting, writing, directing, and filmmaking.
High School
Southwest DeKalb High School
Birth Date
August 12, 1992
Birth City
Atlanta, GA
Current City
Sandy Springs, GA
Decatur, GA
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Married To
Lewis P. Hall III (Bless)
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✨Dive into my world 🌎 of creativity… making magic 🪄 on and off the screen! 🎭🎬 ✨
Talent Agent
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Résumé & Attachments
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