The FECSC - Santa Cruz International Film Festival is projected as a cinematographic meeting that brings together films of all genres, both Argentine and international, without discrimination; Commercial films, independent films, community films, major production films as well as indie productions.
For us it is imperative to show the cinema that is made in all corners of the world, so our selection in addition to rewarding the quality of the films, tries to be very varied.
We assure you that you will enjoy our festival, you will be delighted with actors, directors and technical team of the different world-wide cinematographic productions.

Best Fiction Feature Film
Best Documentary Feature Film
Best Social Feature Film
Best Experimental Feature Film
Best Fiction Short Film
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Animation Short Film
Best Social Short Film
Best Experimental Short Film
Best Music Video

A) - Competitions (Duration and gender):
Feature films: films over 45 minutes long
Short films: films less than 45 minutes long
Music video: videos less than 45 minutes long

B) - Genres to the competition:
Feature film Fiction
Feature film Documentary
Feature Film Social
Feature Film Experimental
Short Film Fiction
Documentary Short Film
Short Film Animation
Social Short Film
Experimental Short Film
Music video

C) - Year of production:
All films must have been completed after January 1, 2014.
D) - Form of application to the festival:
The registration of films to the Festival is done through the FilmFreeway.

E) - Deadlines:
First: submit before December 20, 2017
Second: submit before January 19, 2018
Third: submit before February 20, 2018
Fourth: submit before March 20, 2018
Fifth: submit before April 18, 2018

F) - Authorized to register:
The representative who holds the rights must register the film to the Festival. The representative's good faith is presumed and the festival is exempt from any liability to falsehood on the part of the representative.

G) - Acceptance of the bases:
The direct registration or through the official platforms of the Festival will have character of sworn declaration and in her declares that it accepts the present regulation.

H) - Language of the films:
Films can be presented in their original language. In any language. It is necessary that if the language is not English or Spanish, it is subtitled to any one of them.

I) - Unfinished films:
Movies that are in the advanced postproduction process will be accepted. The selection committee will consider your participation in the Festival.

J) - Submission of the films:
In all cases the sending of the projection copies will be made through the Internet. Copy of physical copies will not be accepted.
It is very important that they send the film link of vimeo as well as the password. It is advisable to try it before, since the organization will immediately discard movies whose link does not work.

K) - Impossibility of withdrawal:
Once enrolled and selected, the film can not be removed from the Festival.

Ñ) - Notification:
Selected and winning films will be notified through the festival website, social networks and via e-mail to the film's representative.

O) - Final Clauses
The people linked to the selected films undertake not to broadcast their participation until the Festival's programming is announced by the Festival's organization.
Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these regulations. Any conflict not foreseen in the present regulation will be solved by the organization of the Festival. The interpretation and application of the bases corresponds to the organization of the FECSC.