The 11th San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival
To encourage New Filmmakers

San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival is a US government-approved 501(C) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.  
Provide an international platform for all film lovers, professional filmmakers, and film/media students who love filmmaking to stand out.
Discover and select potential talents with new techniques & skills, who demonstrate the original concept and accelerate their development within the film industry.
Encourage new filmmakers especially young and first-time filmmakers for their new productions. Encourage and celebrate original and insightful screenwriting and new ideas in the film. Accept films in all categories and subject matter.
Make friends and enhance communication through films.

• 2020 Festival Schedule (Due to COVID-19, the San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival will be the Virtual Film Festival. The schedule remains:
       October 28, 2020------November 1, 2020

• Conditions of entry & fees: 
* Please catch the Early Bird Deadline:
1. Conditions
    a.       Originality
    b.       Theme: Optimistic   Creative    Proactive
    c.       Genre
              Feature Film                              (TRT between 60 min to 120 min)
            Documentary                             (TRT between 60 min to 120 min)
            Animation                                  (TRT 60 min to 120 min)
            Screenwriting (60 to 120 Min, PDF format, in English or Chinese)          
Short narrative movie                 (TRT under 59 min.)
              Short documentary                    (TRT under 59 min.)    
            Screenwriting For Shorts            (2 to 59 Min, PDF format, in English or Chinese)
            Short Animation (2D, 3D)           (TRT under 60 min)
             Music Video                     (Maximum 5 min.)                
            Commercial                               (Maximum 2 min.)
     d.      Format of Submission
Application Deadline: August 31st, 2020
We accept digital submissions only. Entry on the website: or through Vimeo, YouTube, or Youku for film entry are accepted.

3. The final stage (October 28, 2020----November 1, 2020)
Selected film screening, workshop, celebration party, and award ceremony.

Awards category
Best Feature Film Award
Best Documentary Award
Best Short Native Film Award
Best Short Documentary Award
Best Commercial Award
Best Music Video Award
Best Animation Award
Best Director Award
Best Screenwriting Award
Best Short Screenwriting Award
Best Cinematography Award
Best Editing Award
Best Sound Effect Award
Best Music Score Award
Best Action Design Award
Best Leading Actor Award
Best Leading Actress Award
Best Supporting Actor Award
Best Supporting Actress Award
Best Student Film Award
Best Student Talent Award
Most Popular Film Award (Audience Vote)
Excellent Awards in different categories.
Note:Each Winner receives a certificate & a trophy. The final decision is made by the Festival Committee.

•     ·      Channels of submission
1. Register at the festival’s official website:
2. Submit films online or through
3. Recommendations by experts and the film committee. Filmmakers still need to register online.
4.      Register through related film schools, and submit films online.

•     Contest system
       1.   The contest is organized and supervised by the film festival committee.
       2.   Committee divisions:
Website group, promotion group, works collecting group, accounting group, contest group, judge group
• Film Evaluate
1. Preliminary evaluation
a. Submitted films are divided into categories and are viewed and graded by the primary Judge Group.
b. The optional online vote for the public audience for the “Audience Award”.
c. Expert Judge Committee final review and grading.
d. Judges vote per quality of:
1) Story
2) Performance
3) Director’s Vision
4) Cinematography
5) Production Design
6) Sound Design
7) Editing

2. The system of evaluation
Online viewers’ grading (20%), Judge Committee’s grading (80%) to the final stage. The film committee will issue award certificates to the best and most popular films.

Overall Rating
  • Madam Champagne

    My name is Sianila Champagne Vejar, I played Madam Champagne the Voodoo Priest, Thank you very much San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival for the Award for my short film Madam Champagne. and our director Orlando Flores did a great job.

    January 2024
    2015 fncff logo white
    Response from festival:

    Congratulations on your award for your short film! We are happy to know you are inspired by our San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival. Hope your team will have more productions in the new year!

  • Great place for new screenplay writers and directors to submit their short film. Thank you for selecting our global film, KARMA! WE are honored for the selection!~

    November 2023
    2015 fncff logo white
    Response from festival:

    Our New Concept Film Festival's mission is to inspire new filmmakers.

  • San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival is very classy and innovative! Its founder, Joanna Zhang puts together a film festival that also celebrates the Arts in San Francisco. The festival celebration was so full of talent and imagination! This film festival welcomes filmmakers from all over the world. We were so happy and grateful to be a part of it!!

    November 2023
    2015 fncff logo white
    Response from festival:

    You are very welcome to join in our film festival!


    March 2023
  • Wayne Diu

    Thanks to the organizers Joanna and Elizabeth for screening my ultra low-budget feature "The Dental Plan" and recognizing it with an award. The screening was very well-attended and I had some interesting discussions with the audience afterwards. The gala night was most impressive and took place in a beautiful location. But it was not just an awards show: there were live performances and a nice dinner afterwards too, where filmmakers could meet each other and chat. I congratulate the organizers on the gala which was really well organized. Everything ran smoothly, especially considering it was such a large event, which would have made it particularly difficult to organize! During the gala night, I found out as well that the organizer Joanna received an award from the president. Congratulations as well to Joanna for this huge accomplishment!  Well done!!!

    November 2022