International stars meet local heroes - in the cosy atmosphere of the last running movie theatre in the middle of the baroque city of Salzburg. We present a varied film program with around 30 short and feature films and invite top-class speakers for more than 25 years (mountaineers, climbers, directors, authors). Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Kurt Diemberger, Reinhold Messner, Alexander and Thomas Huber, Heinz Zak and Adam Ondra, Sir Edmund Hillary, Lynn Hill, Doug Scott, Sir Chris Bonington, Catherine Destivelle, Leo Dickinson and many more have been our guests.
The 10-day-event on different locations in and around Salzburg attracts up to 8,000 visitors from the greater Salzburg area, neighboring Bavaria and Upper Austria and finds an enormous public in all of the country's important media: television, radio, print, online.

We are a non-commercial and audience-driven Festival. We do not award prizes but we pay screening fees for the selected films - around 30% of the ticket sales go to the filmmakers.

No rules! Every film concerning mountains in a broad sense is welcome. If a film is selected for the festival it will be shown between 6 and 10 times in a period of 10 days. Accounting after the festival.