The Salsa Film Festival is a unique festival for dialogue-free films taking place in the enchanting city of Weimar from November 23 to 26, 2023. Our aim is to present creative films without dialogue from around the world and showcase them over four inspiring days in various cinemas in Weimar. The festival caters to children, teenagers, adults, and immigrants alike, creating a unique platform for cultural exchange and art where language skills pose no barriers. We want to open a door to a world of cinema where people of all ages and diverse cultures can experience and enjoy films without relying on language. The films showcased speak a universal language and seamlessly fit into an artistic space that allows for integration and exchange.

As part of the Salsa Film Festival, special screenings are organized for both children and adults, featuring age-appropriate films. We want to ensure that the festival appeals to a wide audience and provides people of all ages the opportunity to discover and enjoy the genre of dialogue-free film.

In addition, the Salsa Film Festival plans to showcase selected films from the festival throughout the autumn in various cities and villages in Thuringia, Germany.

* By submitting their work to the Salsa Film Festival, filmmakers implicitly express their agreement and provide permission for their film to be screened at the festival without the need for a separate permit. It is understood that they do not expect or seek any copyright ownership or claims from the festival for their submitted films.

■ Audience Choice Award for Best Film
■ Best Animated Film (selected by the jury)
■ Best Feature Film (selected by the jury)
■ Best Documentary Film (selected by the jury)

■ Film duration: maximum of 30 minutes.
■ Production country: worldwide.
■ Language: dialogue-free.
■ Category: all genres such as documentary, feature film, animation, etc.
■ Target audience: children, teenagers, and adults.
Theme: freely chosen.

*The content should positively engage children from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We are looking for films that serve as strong role models for all children and do not include gender-specific, racist, or cultural stereotypes and prejudices.