Salman Aziz is an Indie Author, Artist, and Filmmaker.
Salman Aziz (born December 19, 1993) is a Bangladeshi independent author and artist. He was born in Pabna, Bangladesh. But he mostly grew up in Dhaka city. He is the youngest of his siblings where he has only one elder sister. From a young age, he was a very talented student. Most of the time, he was honored for his excellent results. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering with remarkable marks.
From his childhood, he was very attached to the arts. He wrote many poems and short stories in local newspapers and magazines. But he had to take intervals because of the pressure of studying. He also learned singing. In 2008, he worked as a model in a well-known fashion house in Dhaka named R.M. fashion.
He published his debut book, 6th September: A Very Unknown Mysterious Story in early 2017. After a few years gap, he came back with his philosophical book, Bold and Bitter Statements: Volume 1. The book contains his analytical verses and related metaphorical pictures. The book has multiple volumes.
Besides writing, he has also made symbolic short films. In 2014 he debuted as a filmmaker. His first short film was Bloody Dark Dream which he released on IMDb.
He majorly got recognition worldwide for his multiple international award-winning short film, Lost in the Black Hole. In 2019, he initially screened his film at the 15th International Short & Independent Film Festival, one of the most prestigious film festivals in Europe, Asia, and the American continent. He also got officially selected and nominated for Tareq Shahriar Best Independent Shorts Award (most reputed award for Bangladeshi Young & Aspiring Filmmakers). In 2020, he made its alternate version which got officially selected, nominated, awarded, and screened at various international film festivals. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Bangladesh has appreciated Salman Aziz for creating the first-ever symbolic silent cult film in this country and acting in five metaphorical characters. And the director has officially certified it as intellectual property in Bangladesh.
He mostly gets motivation from Mother Teresa and Bayazid Bastami. His main aim in life is to do something for the people and be in their hearts forever.
Award Winner for Best Halloween Originality and Nominated for Best Experimental Film and Best Halloween Film
Lost in the Black Hole (Alternate Version)
Brazil International Monthly Film Festival (BIMIFF), 2021
Rio de Janeiro
Award Winner for Best Experimental Short Film and Audience Award
Lost in the Black Hole (Alternate Version)
Monthly Indie Shorts International Film Festival, 2021
Award Winner for Best Mystery Film (Season 3, 2021)
Lost in the Black Hole (Alternate Version)
Indie Online Film Award, 2021
Official Scary Selection
Lost in the Black Hole (Alternate Version)
Berlin Flash Film Festival, 2021
Official Selection
Lost in the Black Hole (Alternate Version)
Direct Monthly Online Film Festival (DMOFF), 2021
Official Selection
Lost in the Black Hole (Alternate Version)
Hallucinea Film Festival, 2021
Official Selection
Lost in the Black Hole (Alternate Version)
Lift-Off Global Network Sessions 2021
Lift-Off Online Sessions
Nominated for Tareq Shahriar Best Independent Short, 2019 and Officially Selected for 15th International Short & Independent Film Festival (ISIFF), 2019.
Lost in the Black Hole
15th International Short & Independent Film Festival (ISIFF), 2019
Official Selection
Lost in the Black Hole
Austin After Dark Film Festival, 2019
Official Selection
Lost in the Black Hole
MoziMotion, 2019
Official Selection
Lost in the Black Hole
LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival, 2019
Official Selection
Lost in the Black Hole
DadaSaheb Phalke International Film Festival (DPIFF), 2019
Birth Date
December 19, 1993
Akash / AKA$H
Birth City
Current City
5' 7" (1.7 m)
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
1. His fan stylized his nickname Akash as AKA$H like Kesha.
2. He always tries to influence the people to do good works.
3. Most of his writes/articles/blogs are based on reality. He always tries to put his true thoughts on his writes.
4. Salman Aziz is known as the maker of first-ever symbolic cult horror short film in Bangladesh for his film Lost in the Black Hole (2019).
1. “Sometime we fail to differ the diamond from glass piece. We mistakenly miss the diamond which is on the road or under our feet. But we also mistakenly run for the glass piece in the jewelry shop. When we mistakenly buy a glass piece as a diamond with high price then we regret for the life time. What have we done for buying the fake one?” – Salman Aziz
2. “What’s the work for emotion in our life? I’ll say emotion gives the motion in life. If you don’t have emotion, then you will act like robot. You can’t feel anything. But we must feel everything from our mind. If any act doesn’t touch our mind then how could we live?” – Salman Aziz
3. “In our life once we lose something that will be lost forever. That thing is never got back. And we consciously or unconsciously lose so many things without holding it.” – Salman Aziz
4. “People see what they want to see. People say what they like to say. People hear what they always try to listen. People always in busy to put you down or break you down. They won’t give you the courage to go ahead. They always after you and try their best to end you. But never give up. Never let yourself down. You should and must keep it in your mind.” – Salman Aziz
5. “We live in a time of era where there is no value for innocence. People don’t worth the innocence. And innocent people remain the sufferer and vulnerable to the world.” – Salman Aziz
6. “When you are in entertainment business, you can’t be you until you are in off-screen. You have to smile all the time and act like what they want from you. And you have to give them what they want from you. When entertaining people, you are their property. But you have to influence others when you are entertaining your fans.” – Salman Aziz
7. “When you are trying to do any good work, each and every time people are and will discourage you rather than encouraging you. Why I am telling this! Cause I have the best experience of these kinds of situations. People always busy in putting me down. But never can’t and won’t do it. I am still in my position.” – Salman Aziz
8. “Outer beauty won’t remain forever but inner beauty does. Don’t run after outer beauty. Because of it can be a huge mistake when you chose outer beauty instead of inner beauty. And that will leave you with regression. Only try to know and get the inner beauty of somebody or something. It will bring peace inside of you.”
– Salman Aziz
9. “Human makes the rules, human breaks the rules. Just in the middle of time in that others suffer for good or bad.” – Salman Aziz
10. “People are always busy in trying to manipulate and dominate others!” – Salman Aziz
11. “When the bad time begins, you may feel alone, because your mind never goes with you. Even your shadow leaves you, then what to say about friends? In this world it is very difficult to get true friend. Cause most of the time people come to you as friend with some great need inside them. They remain with you until their needs. When neediness is over they leave you, whatever your condition is or where ever you stuck in. They leave you when you need them. They leave you when you are in danger. They only remain with you for the happy hours. When the happy hour is over they fly away like a fly when milk is not in the bowl. These words everybody knows, “Friend in need, friends indeed.”.” – Salman Aziz
12. “People change just in a blink! You won’t get any explanation for that. They change in front of your eyes or behind of your eyes. Just they change unconditionally.” – Salman Aziz
13. “The most hardest thing in the world is that understanding someone’s mind. Because you cannot get what’s really going on their mind.” – Salman Aziz
14. “When a human in happy time, he/she doesn’t understand the reality! He/she doesn’t realize it until he/she is touched by sadness, pain, poverty, refusal, betrayal, hate, abuse and so many things. Until then he/she doesn’t know what the reality is. Cause the reality is very harsh and very hard to accept.” – Salman Aziz
15. “A real actor can’t love anyone. Cause he/she only pretends to be lover. Cause he/she still in the role of a lover and doesn’t know how to love someone for the real.” – Salman Aziz
16. “Fashion is the thing! The thing you can put on confidently. And at least you can breathe with comfort.” – Salman Aziz
17. “Finding someone’s weakness only can make you strongest in the earth but not inside you. And someday you can be in the worst situation when someone found your biggest weakness. That day you will be left with regression. Nothing can change back!” – Salman Aziz
18. “Keeping silence doesn’t show the weakness! It shows the patience to forgive.” – Salman Aziz
19. “Getting degree only makes someone literate to the society or the nation. But sometime their uncultured acts make them illiterate. Cause they have uneducated mind. Their minds have never got enlightenment with the true education that supposed to make them better person.” – Salman Aziz
20. “Some dreams never come true. It becomes nightmare that will leave you with regrets.” – Salman Aziz
21. “With too much ego, one can be a bitter person. But without that anyone can be better person.” – Salman Aziz
22. “We live kind of society where people scold you for wearing crop clothes. But for their own pleasure and entertainment this society tears your clothes apart to see your naked body. Even the society forces you to strip down your clothes for their hidden satisfaction. But in front of all they just say you are so nasty.” – Salman Aziz
23. “If you really want to be something then at first try to be at least. But don't try to be at most in the first step.” – Salman Aziz
24. “Loneliness is the biggest enemy of a human. Cause it is more than the enemy. When a person becomes lonely from inside, no one can save the person from sinking under the deep sea of end.” – Salman Aziz
25. “Thanks will be a worthless word until a person tells it from heart. When a person thanks someone with full heart then the word will be big and worthy word and will have full meaning to the person. Or else it will remain small and valueless word if a person says it just for saying.” – Salman Aziz
26. “Don't remain stereotype. Be versatile.” – Salman Aziz
27. “Love should not be by the body. Love should be by the heart.” – Salman Aziz
28. “Learn to talk honestly, truthfully, logically, ethically, and boldly.” – Salman Aziz
Salman Aziz is an Indie Author, Artist, and Filmmaker.
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