The Student World Impact Film Festival (SWIFF) focuses on elevating the voices of young storytellers (especially from historically marginalized races, backgrounds, and cultures) to give them the opportunity to share their stories with the world, and it is 100% free to submit for everyone.

SWIFF is one of the largest celebrations of student filmmakers in the world, with submissions from 130 countries to date.

Official Selections will have the opportunity to apply to publish their work on Amazon Prime Video through SWIFF.

The festival is open to anyone in any country who is of student age or is perfecting their filmmaking craft. Aspiring filmmakers of all backgrounds are encouraged to submit to showcase their movies on the big screen!

The program includes an engaging film screening, inspirational speakers, and an awards ceremony.

*Note: to qualify for any one of the "Pre-College" awards, you need to list your age on FilmFreeway so that we can verify that you are eligible for the pre-college awards.

Official Selections will receive an official virtual certificate and have the opportunity to:

- Apply to be featured on our podcast, the Film Sessions Podcast

- Apply to publish their film(s) on Amazon Prime Video (a major streaming platform)

For each award category, the winner will receive the following:
- Official winner virtual certificate

- Opportunity for Amazon Prime Video distribution

- Featuring you on our website and on social media

- Opportunity to purchase an engraved award trophy

- Perks and benefits with the sponsor, The Lighthouse Initiative

The festival encourages all students to apply. A student is defined as anyone who is perfecting their craft in filmmaking.

Below are the rules for applying. By submitting to SWIFF, YOU AGREE TO ALL of the following rules. If your film violates one of these rules, SWIFF reserves the right not to select your film.

1) The film may not contain any of the following:

Alcohol consumption, profanity, extreme or excessive anger, violence, blood, guns, weapons, nudity, sexually-related thoughts or behavior, hate speech, or praise for a specific religion.

For more detailed guidelines, see here:

SWIFF reserves the right not to select your film if it contains content from the above categories or content related to the above categories. SWIFF promotes a safe, friendly environment for student audiences of all ages.

2) If your film is screened at the film festival, we will not pay a screening fee. By submitting to the Student World Impact Film Festival, you agree that you will not request to receive a screening fee if your film is screened.

3) Films must have been created in 2016 or later, but no earlier than 2016.

4) All films must be in English OR have English subtitles.

5) There are no restrictions regarding prior premiere(s) or distribution of films being submitted to our festival. There are no restrictions regarding submitting your film to other festivals.

6) All films must be submitted via FilmFreeway.

7) The Student World Impact Film Festival reserves the right to reject any ineligible entries.

8) Films must be the original work of the submitting applicant ONLY. By entering this competition, you attest that you have all the necessary rights to your film and/or that the content of the film is entirely your own original work.

9) The Student World Impact Film Festival is not liable for any copyright, trademark, or credit infractions/fees from filmmakers that submit to our festival. If your film violates a copyright rule/law, you are solely liable and responsible.

10) The Student World Impact Film Festival's volunteers/jurors/organizers are not liable for any comments or opinions regarding submitted and selected films.

11) If you submit your film and are selected to screen at our festival, you agree to let us promote your film on our online platforms and social media and will grant us access to/send us materials such as your film poster, official trailer, and your full film to be screened.

12) SWIFF does not provide feedback, nor does SWIFF have an obligation to provide justification for films that are not selected. If you were not selected, SWIFF still encourages you to express yourself through filmmaking and submit to our festival during the subsequent season or to other festivals.

Overall Rating
  • You see this is the best festival I have ever dealt with. Everything was spot on! The festival is professional and organized! They considered all the work they received and reviewed it all and gave feedback. In addition, they always kept me up-to-date with everything. They were never hesitant to correct small details or to go the extra mile with the planning. I have never seen such a considerate big festival that engages everyone and keeps everyone on board and feeling welcomed and active!! Millions of thanks for everything and the motivation and the care! I am recommending the festival to everyone and I support it all along whenever and however I can!

    November 2022
  • Todd Vercoe

    We had a wonderful experience with SWIFF and were particularly impressed by the communication. Each step of the way we knew what was required and what would happen. We were honoured to be a part of this festival and wish to extend our thanks to the organizers.

    November 2022
  • Shirin Maleki

    This was such a great exemplary festival. From organization, and communication to excellent events were all very impressive and an honor to be a part of. Thank you so much for so much hard work and effort to make us feel valued and seen as filmmakers.

    November 2022
  • Mehmet Barış Yalçın

    Thank you lot for everything

    November 2022
  • Elio Mariano Scollo

    I have had a wonderful experience with this festival, a student festival, made by students and for students, in which, with a very ingenious system, we have all participated and whoever likes can also be a jury, something wonderful. This festival was the nicest surprise I've gotten this year at film festivals, I highly recommend it!

    November 2022