The Student World Impact Film Festival (SWIFF) is the premier platform for showcasing the artistic talent of student filmmakers from around the world. Helping more than 10,000 filmmakers from 120 countries each year, SWIFF offers filmmakers the opportunity to elevate their careers and gain exposure in the entertainment world.

Open to all students from across the globe, SWIFF is the perfect opportunity for emerging filmmakers to hone their craft and present their work on the big screen. The festival's engaging film screening, inspirational speakers, and awards ceremony make it an engaging experience for participants interested in the art and impact of film.

Through its distribution partnership with Amazon Prime Video, SWIFF offers select films the opportunity to apply for international distribution of their work on Amazon Prime Video.

Scheduled to take place during June 18 - 25, 2023, the upcoming season of SWIFF will bring together the brightest and most talented student filmmakers from around the world. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your work, engage with like-minded artists, and make a positive impact on the world through film. The next season is open for entries for November 2023.

At SWIFF, we are proud to offer Official Selections the opportunity to apply to publish their films on Amazon Prime Video, allowing for exposure to a global audience. By partnering with Amazon Prime Video, we provide a prestigious platform that serves as a springboard for emerging filmmakers to showcase their talents and propel their careers to the next level.

In addition, SWIFF offers Official Selections the opportunity to be featured on our podcast, the Film Sessions Podcast. This platform provides a stage for filmmakers to share their stories and insights with podcast listeners and aspiring artists alike.

The Best Inspirational Community Interview Film will have the opportunity to work with The Community Photobooth (TCP) to launch a fundraiser for their film’s topic. TCP is the sponsor of this award category, and they have previously worked to raise $30,000 for various causes.

The festival encourages all students to apply.

Below are the rules for applying. By submitting to SWIFF, you agree to all of the following rules. If your film violates one or more of these rules, SWIFF reserves the right not to select your film.

1) The film may not contain any of the following:

Alcohol consumption, profanity, extreme or excessive anger, violence, blood, guns, weapons, nudity, sexually-related thoughts or behavior, hate speech, or praise for a specific religion.

For more detailed guidelines, see here:

SWIFF reserves the right not to select your film if it contains content from the above categories or content related to the above categories. SWIFF promotes a safe, friendly environment for student audiences of all ages.

2) If your film is screened at the film festival, we will not pay a screening fee. By submitting to the Student World Impact Film Festival, you agree that you will not request to receive a screening fee if your film is screened.

3) Films must have been created in 2016 or later, but no earlier than 2016.

4) All films must be in English OR have English subtitles.

5) There are no restrictions regarding prior premiere(s) or distribution of films being submitted to our festival. There are no restrictions regarding submitting your film to other festivals.

6) All films must be submitted via FilmFreeway.

7) The Student World Impact Film Festival reserves the right to reject any ineligible entries.

8) Films must be the original work of the submitting applicant only. By entering this competition, you attest that you have all the necessary rights to your film and/or that the content of the film is entirely your own original work.

9) The Student World Impact Film Festival is not liable for any copyright, trademark, or credit infractions/fees from filmmakers that submit to our festival. If your film violates a copyright rule/law, you are solely liable and responsible.

10) The Student World Impact Film Festival's volunteers/jurors/organizers are not liable for any comments or opinions regarding submitted and selected films.

11) If you submit your film and are selected to screen at our festival, you agree to let us promote your film on our online platforms and social media and will grant us access to/send us materials such as your film poster, official trailer, and your full film to be screened.

12) SWIFF does not provide feedback, nor does SWIFF have an obligation to provide justification for films that are not selected. If you were not selected, SWIFF still encourages you to express yourself through filmmaking and submit to our festival during the subsequent season or to other festivals.

Overall Rating
  • Mar Garro

    Very nice festival run by a highly-motivated crew. This is the best feeling! It creates a nice community around it :)

    March 2023
  • For Me Student World Impact Film Festival.Is Morw Than Just A Festival Its Can Be School For The Students For Learn From This Short Films Stories

    March 2023
  • Anysia Deák

    It was such a great experience being included in this festival. SWIFF is an all inclusive experience with above and beyond networking opportunities, as well as promotional and educational opportunities like the associated Film Sessions Podcast.

    March 2023
  • My experience with SWIFF has been absolutely amazing. Regular, clear communication, extremely quick response times and a very friendly team made my association with this festival very smooth. It also opened multiple networking and distribution opportunities for me. 10/10 recommend.

    March 2023
  • Michelle Nochebuena

    Very grateful for all the team attention. At all times they made us feel confident. One of the most relevant festivals for students, it offers a great opportunity.

    March 2023