The City of Edinburg promotes the visual arts and the growing film industry in the Rio Grande Valley and hosts the South Texas International Film Festival.

The South Texas International Film Festival is an annual celebration of the art of cinema. STXIFF is a competitive film festival that showcases the work of visionary filmmakers from all over the world. Based in Edinburg, Texas, STXIFF showcases local, regional, national, and international films and prides itself as a welcoming hub for thriving and aspiring storytellers. We focus on personal engagement with filmmakers with a South Texas Hospitality flare!

The City of Edinburg invites you to submit and attend the 10th South Texas International Film Festival to be held from September 11 through 14, 2024. Our Festival is geared towards new and experienced filmmakers and filmgoers alike by offering a variety of events including screenings, workshops, panels, mixers, and of course our iconic Awards Ceremony.

Any questions, please email or contact us through FilmFreeway.

These are the prizes that may be awarded at the 10th STXIFF:
a) Best International Feature Film
b) Best U.S. Feature Film
c) Best Documentary Feature Film
d) Best International Short Film
e) Best U.S. Short Film
f) Best Texas Short Film
g) Best RGV Short Film
h Best Documentary Short Film
i) Best Music Video
j) Best Texas Young Filmmaker Short Film - Scholarship
k) Edinburg Film Friendly Award (must be filmed in Edinburg, TX) In your cover letter, please include if you filmed in Edinburg (include locations).
l) The Pitch Award - $500
m) Texas Young Filmmakers Pitch Award - $500
n) South Texas Awards
To qualify for South Texas Regional Awards, include city, state and postal zip code in the Submitter Information on FilmFreeway.

We reserve the right to not give an award or announce a winner in one or more categories.

The South Texas International Film Festival is hosted and organized by the City of Edinburg.

General Submission Guidelines
1. Film submissions will be admitted only through FilmFreeway.
2. All genres and subgenres are accepted.
3. Submissions must be in English or have English subtitles at the time submitted.
4. Submissions will be considered incomplete if the following are not included in the initial FilmFreeway submission: Film, Poster, and Synopsis.
5.The submitter is responsible for ensuring that their screener link and password are active throughout the entire submission cycle. In the event of a password or URL change after submitting, email immediately.
6. Feature films must be between forty (40) minutes and one-hundred and twenty (120) minutes in length, including credits. Short films must be between two (2) minutes and forty (40) minutes, including credits. Music Videos must be between two (2) minutes and five (5) minutes.
7. All films will be eligible for a possible showcase, but to be eligible for competition and thus an award, the film:
a) Must have been completed after January 1, 2021.
b) Must have the rights to all songs and other copyright material.
c) Must not be publicly available online or physically for purchase or renting. The film may be online but private (i.e., password or private link). Music Videos and Young Filmmakers are exempt from this guideline (7c).
8. The minimum requirement for selected films is H.264 codec, 1920x1080, mp4.
9. If selected, you must submit the following by June 28, 2024 by 11:59 PM:
a) link to a downloadable film projection file
b) High Resolution (300 DPI) film poster – aspect ratio suitable for display/printing 18x24, vertical preferred
c) Short, film synopsis - max of 40 words.
d) Press picture of director(s) (HD)
f) One-paragraph biography of director(s)
g) Film trailer or teaser and/or three (3) to five (5) film stills
10. A Jury of industry professionals will determine the winners of each category. The decisions will be final and unappealable and will be announced during the Award Ceremony.
11. Staff of the STXIFF and STXIFF Planning Committee members may not participate in any of the films which compete for an award. This includes but is not limited to actress, actor, director, writer, producer, or any other member of the production team of the film. If the producer and/or director wishes to appeal a crew member’s conflict of interest, they may do so by contacting the STXIFF staff before submitting a film. The STXIFF will review the appeal and give a response within 15 days of informing the STXIFF Staff. Deadline dates may be affected by your appeal; we recommend informing STXIFF Staff 1 month prior to a deadline.
12. By submitting your film, you grant permission to STXIFF to use your film trailer, stills, press picture, synopsis, bio, up to thirty (30) seconds of your film, and all other submitted information for Festival promotion without limitation and at its sole and complete discretion in perpetuity for the production and promotion of the South Texas International Film Festival.
13. The South Texas International Film Festival takes all necessary precautions to prevent copy and intellectual rights from being stolen, however, the film submitter takes all responsibility for any loss and stolen property by submitting to STXIFF and will to the maximum extent allowed by law agree to indemnify and hold harmless and defend the City of Edinburg, the South Texas International Film Festival, its agents, employees, officers, and volunteers from and against any claim, loss, damage, liability, and expense including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred or suffered by them by reason of all claims, demands, or causes of actions asserted or that may be asserted against any or all of the named parties, whether alleging intentional or negligent acts or omissions, and whether seeking compensatory or punitive damages, and involving, arising out of, or relating to the submission agreement and any other claims against any staff or agent of the South Texas International Film Festival and the City of Edinburg.
14. By submitting your film, you are allowing STXIFF to screen/stream your film during the event dates. If you decide to remove your film from screening, you must notify STXIFF staff at least two months prior to the event date. Your film will not be eligible for a prize if it does not screen during the event.
15. Any other situation not considered in these submission guidelines will be reviewed by the South Texas International Film Festival.
16. We recommend you carefully review these guidelines and please email if you have any additional questions.
17. DISCLAIMER: In an effort to ensure fairness and transparency within our regional film competition, we invite professional filmmakers from outside the Rio Grande Valley as part of the programming team to view and select the films in our RGV competition. This process provides an equal platform for all local filmmakers in the RGV.

Overall Rating
  • Eli Vazquez

    We are so happy to have won the Best U.S. Short! We weren't able to attend but the team were great at sharing all the info needed and would have loved to attend!

    October 2023
  • Pros: This is that rare festival that is open free to the public! That means the audience contains more than just other filmmakers and we can afford to take our entire cast, crew, and family there to experience the festival. Plus they had a fun celebrity panel and awards dinner.

    Room for improvement: Hopefully, as the festival grows, they'll keep that open-to-the-public focus, but also include just one filmmakers-only event where we can meet each other, exchange contact information, and collaborate on future projects.

    The weekend was a blast and the organizers make you feel like a million bucks. I'm already planning to submit another film for next year!

    October 2023
  • Scott Leisk

    I had a great time at the South Texas International Film Festival. This festival is very well organized and the friendly staff put on a great event. The city of Edinburg rolled out the red carpet to filmmakers, the attendees were friendly and enthusiastic film lovers. I enjoyed a bus tour of the city and the South Texas History Museum. I got to meet other really talented filmmakers and see their shorts and features. It was also very cool to meet and mingle with celebs that were featured guests.

    September 2023
  • I wasn't able to attend but I appreciated the communication and attention to details. Hope to see you in the future!

    September 2023
  • Pamela Oliver Munoz

    This film festival nurtures filmmakers, actors and crew! They have big name talents come and give workshops mixers and everyone is accessible and relaxed. They’re inclusive and it just feels like a family’ - a very functional family!

    September 2023