8th Edition of STUFF Film Festival is happening January 23-26, 2020.
Submissions are now open for the 9th Edition of STUFF Film Festival which takes place August 20-23, 2020!

STUFF wants to see your STUFF!

Calling for Entries!
Horror, Midnight, B-Movies, Animation, Experimental, Documentary, Texas Films, International, LGBTQ, Sisterhood, Features and Shorts!

South Texas Underground Film’s sole mission is to engage and inspire the community by screening films without discrimination, creating new films, teaching the art of filmmaking, and networking with fellow filmmakers.

We provide an International platform that showcases all kinds of work from filmmakers, visual artists and musicians while providing educational opportunities during the festival.

STUFF is located in Corpus Christi, Texas with all films screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Corpus Christi.

South Texas Underground Film Festival(STUFF), is organized by artists of different mediums for artists of different mediums(South Texas Underground Film(STUF)(Texas Non-Profit) and Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (TACHE) / Del Mar College (DMC) Chapter(501c3).

STUFF has featured: Hecho en Tejas Showcase, Made In Corpus Christi, Sisterhood In Film, LGBTQ, Horror, Animation, Experimental, Midnight Films and other special selections.

Julia Arredondo(Vice Versa Press) called STUFF "the hookup of the year". STUFF has a mixer and an after party everyday of the festival and you may find the "After-After Party". A lot of networking opportunities.

Life long friendships and partnerships have been made with attendees.

Since 2016, STUFF continues to be named one of the Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festival on FilmFreeway. In 2013, STUFF was 1 of 20 film festivals in the running for MovieMaker Magazines Coolest Experimental/Underground Film Festival in the world.

“the team at STUFF have put on a top class festival. The programming is second to none – we have seen some amazing films here – and the hospitality has been endless. Mixers every day, after parties, free stuff, you name it. We have made some really great friends and I hope we get an opportunity to come back sometime.”
- Donna McRae(Filmmaker- Johnny Ghost)

"People have a different kind of drama, sense of humor. It’s great to see from different backgrounds and cultures. These kinds of festivals are made for this. Especially when filmmakers make a festival for filmmakers. It doesn’t get any better than that.”
– Niko Kostet(Filmmaker-Christian Dreadful, Pyro)

"STUFF is like the punk rock answer to a lot of mainstream films/fests. When you come to STUFF you never know what you're going to get."
- Jeremy Gomez(Filmmaker)

"The energy is really cool here. STUFF is really close to Austin and I always feel welcome here. I see the completely different scenes and different festivals from other parts of Texas and from around the world mixing here and I think that's really cool." - Nathan Felix(Musician/Composer)

“A massive celebration of international alternative cinema.”
– Mike Everleth(The Underground Film Journal)

"I don’t want to see cookie cutter projects or revamping of things that I’ve seen before. I truly believe that the underground is where the heart, soul, and substance of art is at. The perspectives on story telling and self expression are amazing."
– Mariella Perez(STUFF - Festival Director)

The South Texas Underground Film Festival is an annual event that celebrates a diverse range of works by independent filmmakers from around the world. STUFF is a non-competitive film festival. The true vision of this festival is to recognize films for their excellence and give filmmakers a platform to share their works with a larger audience.

We feel that every film we screen at STUFF is a Winner, but we sometimes Honor and Award films with Laurels, Posts, Honors, Kudos and sometimes a Medal.

*MAKE SURE TO SUBMIT FILM IN CORRECT CATEGORY (short film blocks and categories are subject to change at the discretion of the festival at any time).

*If your film has been selected, please submit your feature or short in DCP, ProRes or H.264 format. (use dropbox, google drive, wetransfer, etc.)

*Films submitted in languages other than English must include English Subtitles imprinted or burned on film. Please no separate Text Files, etc.

*Exhibition copies must be turned in no later than 3 weeks before the festival or we cannot guarantee your film will be screened. (Feature film DCPs can be sent to us or the Alamo Drafthouse, contact us to make arrangements).

*Cost of shipping film/media to STUFF is the responsibility of the entrant.

*STUFF has a "Right to Screen" clause. By submitting, you are giving South Texas Underground Film Festival the right to screen your film if you are selected to Festival, even if you change your mind.

*Works in Progress will be considered, but must be complete and ready for Film Festival.

*South Texas Underground Film Festival cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss of materials while in transit.

*Entry fees are non-refundable.

*Fee Waivers and Discounts available. Send request to SouthTexasUndergroundFilm@gmail.com.

*STUFF has the right to disqualify films with no refunds if Rules or Requirements are not met.

*Features Films are 45 minutes or longer.

*Short Films are 44 minutes or shorter.

*These rules are for everyone, no exceptions

Overall Rating
  • Pablo Schmitt

    Had a great time at the festival. Rob and Maricela work very hard and do a great job organizing the event. Plenty of great films and it's all at the Alamo Drafthouse.

    September 2019
  • Matt Rosenblatt

    The whole festival was great, honestly probably the best festival experience I've had so far. The runners of the festival genuinely care about you and your film which is very refreshing. If you've got a short or a feature I suggest you submit because you won't regret it.

    June 2019
  • Cristina Gonzalez

    Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this festival. The festival runners were very kind and caring about every film being screened. I would definitely resubmit and attend this festival again.

    February 2019
  • Daniel Garcia

    Extraordinary selection of films from all over the world. The organizers did an excellent job in every area. The local filmmaking community is wonderfully kind and knowledgeable. Most shows were full with a great amount of filmmakers present.

    February 2019
  • Donna McRae

    This is a fantastic festival! In a great venue with amazing projection and sound, and the programming is top notch. The organisers go out of their way to welcome the visiting filmmakers with free breakfasts, welcome lunches, mixers, and discount accommodation. We met so many other filmmakers and I would thoroughly recommend this festival. The organisers are passionate about the festival and it shows. This is my second time here and I will come again :)

    February 2019