The rigid lines of the gullies, split by the signs of time, run parallel and, unexpectedly, cross and change direction. The cracks become thicker, dig the surface, revealing uncertainty and transience. In these hostile places, the film festival "Storie Parallele" intersect. Arrived to the 5th edition, is organized by "Fargo" association and will be held in the city of Salandra (MT) in the heart of the South of Italy. "Storie Parallele" is a festival of short doc, a space of sharing and comparison where everyone can tell his fragment of life, a laboratory to give new light to abandoned places, to parallel places , to enter a house that no longer exists, that has lost its roof, touch a worm-eaten piece of furniture, opening a drawer to find the yellowed papers it has kept without deciding it. In addition to the screenings in competition, other activities will be carried out during the event: film workshops, meetings with the public, where directors and screenwriters will start a dialogue on the themes of their projects, a talk that will address social issues, such as depopulation of European rural areas; "Parallel places" is instead a laboratory that seeks a relationship between the morphology of the territory and a symbolic metaphor, to re-propose the themes of the festival by visiting some characteristic places of the Basilicata region, such as the badlands or ghost town.

During the past editions the president of the jury were the screenwriter Silvia Scola and the directors Daniele Stocchi and Gianfranco Pannone. This year the president will be the famous DOP and director Daniele Ciprì.


"The key word of this year's edition is "stops". Etymology teaches us that the word derives from "to stop", of people travelling and means of transport. A longer or shorter stay in a place. Every stop has to do with the journey. It is steadiness, immobility, quietness that responds to a previous movement. The traveller stopped along the way, seeking food and shelter for the night, preparing a story to tell over a glass of wine. The modern man stops at airports, stations, between a glance at the newspaper and a cigarette to be consumed while waiting for that train connection, or that chance event that changes the course of life. Whether a shepherd or a businessman, each stop has its own soul, its own regenerating force, its own suspended time limited to that moment. A time in which everything is permitted as long as it is part of the spell. Stopping is the term that opens the festival, and the first objective is precisely this: to breathe a sigh of relief and make oneself comfortable, to pause for a while before leaving, to lighten the baggage of daily anxieties and fill the soul before leaving again. Stopping without haste, without time, without expecting anything, while everything happens and is allowed to happen. This is Storie Parallele, 2022 edition." Nicola Ragone - Artistic Director

-best documentary: AWARD + MONEY PRIZE of 400,00 euro
-best director: AWARD
-best photography: AWARD
-best editing AWARD
-special prize of the jury: AWARD


1- The call is open to short documentary produced and shot in any video format, regardless of the genre, and completed after the 1st of January 2022.
All the submitted shorts will be viewed by the Festival organization and the festival will select a total of 10 short films for the official competition. The Festival Direction will also be able to select the submitted works for eventual reviews, special events and “out of competition” projections, parallel to the official competition. During the closing night will be awarded the winners choosed by the Jury.

2- For the competition category the copy for the first selection can be submitted according to one of the following language options: italian, english, original language with Italian or English subtitles.

3- The shorts application will happen exclusively through the FilmFreeway platform, where it is possible to manually upload video files, or simply insert existing links, even if they are private (Vimeo / Youtube / etc).

4- In case the short film is chosen for the competition, another copy for screening will be requested in the following format: File .mov (H264 or AppleProRes / Audio Stereo). The selected short movies, whose availability has already been declared, cannot be withdrawn from the contest for any reason.

5- During the Festival all the short films will be screened with Italian subtitles, which will be provided by the Festival Organization itself, when not given by the authors themselves. In this case it will be necessary to receive at least the dialogues list.

6- Authors and/or Producers are accountable for their own work contents and declare, by enrolling in the Festival, they have fulfilled any obligations with third parties in terms of copyright.

7.- The subscription and the participation to “Strade Parallele - 7th edition” implies the unconditional acceptance of the present regulation in all its parts. Short films must not contain clear advertising messages.

8.- Authors and/or Producers are accountable for their own work contents and declare, by enrolling in the Festival, they have fulfilled any obligations with third parties in terms of copyright.


There is no rental cost for the films selected in the competitions.
the screening file must have a minimum resolution of 1920X 1080 in the formats AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG. The Festival organization may reserve the right to ask for a PAL format DVD. In case the film needed subtitles, we must receive the complete list of the dialogues and the list of subtitles (if applicable) in one of the following languages: Italian, English possibly in .srt format or with any reference to the timecode.
As for the drawing-up of a catalogue, short information about the film, the author, the production, the plot and some photographs will be required.


By enrolling in the Festival, Authors and Producers accept all the rules in this call. The Authors and Producers, while remaining, to all intents and purposes, fully holders of their rights to their works, grant the Festival organization the right to project their films for free, in the context of Strade Parallele Film Festival 2023, as well as in other cultural events through which the Association "Fargo" intends to promote its activity. Furthermore, the Authors grant the Festival organization, for free, the right to use one or more images taken from their works in order to promote the Festival and other forms of communication and activities linked to the Association "Fargo", with the sole requirement to quote the artist. Authors and Producers, by participating in such competition, declare to be in possession of the rights of use of any music or non-original video clips present in the film. The film culture "Fargo" accepts no responsibility regarding the violation of any rights or release forms by neither the works selected or their authors. Besides, Authors and Producers authorize film culture "Fargo" to process their personal data under Law 675/96 (Privacy Act) as amended D. Igs. 196/2003 (Privacy Code), also to include them in databases run by individuals referred to above. Any dispute will be dealt in Italy and according to Italian Law and the competent court of Matera (MT).

Overall Rating
  • Lucila Riggio

    A great festival with a very interesting selection of quality documentaries. Communication was ok and the director says only good things about this experience. Thank you!

    September 2022
  • Outstanding Festival ! A treasure being open to alternative experimental work. Excellent offering - well done. Mille Grazie.

    October 2021