The SPLIFF Film Festival is where filmmakers, artists, animators, and stoners share original film shorts exploring stoner themes. From serious takes on pot culture to stoner comedy to mind-blowing weirdness—they all have a home at SPLIFF. Creative types of all stripes entertain, challenge, and amaze SPLIFF audiences with short films that examine and/or celebrate recreational marijuana use and its liberating effects on our imaginations, appetites, libidos, and creative energies. At SPLIFF, you’ll see films that will make you laugh, films that will make you think, and films that will make you ask, “What the fuck was that?!” SPLIFF is a film festival by stoners, for stoners.

Three first-place category prizes and one grand prize are awarded at SPLIFF! All winners are decided by secret audience ballot. Films may qualify in more than one prize category. This year’s categories and prize packages are:

Trippiest: $2,000
Funniest: $2,000
Stupidiest: $2,000
BEST IN SHOW: $5,000

Digital submission to is preferred. You can also send via WeTransfer to In the same file/folder as your film submission, please include one release form and copies of IDs from ALL performers and a signed entry form with your film submission.


Physical DVD or thumb drive. For DVDs, use a data disk format. Do not send authored DVDs via DVD studio, iDVD, or any other DVD authoring software. Same encoding H.264 .mov 24fps is preferred. Delivered to The Stranger office by the submission deadline with one release form and copies of IDs from ALL performers and a signed entry form.

For our folks overseas: Convert files transcode for NTSC before uploading if possible.

All performers must be 21 years of age.

Any technical difficulty with these instructions, contact