We, the Smashed Potato Kids, are a sketch comedy/filmmaking group based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and are beyond thrilled to announce that we're putting together our first ever SKETCH FEST at Vancouver's #1 independent movie theatre - The Rio!

We have been making comedic sketches and award winning genre-bendy short films since late 2019 and have built an awesome community of talented artists in front and behind the camera since our inception. We even hosted our own live show to a packed house at the Rio earlier this year titled "SPK: Welcome To Spudsville" which was a career highlight for all of us.

Having made over 100 pieces of content over the past 4 years on top of our successful live show, we thought this would be a great time to give the people of Vancouver (and beyond) an opportunity to test out their comedy chops themselves! There aren't enough - if any - comedy focused festivals in Vancouver despite this city harboring some of the funniest people we know.

So get your friends together, grab an iPhone or your nicest camera if you want to get all cinematic with it, and lets fill the theatre with a night full of laughter!

We will select the TOP 20 sketches at this festival. Since this is our first festival, we want to screen the stuff that made us laugh the hardest on one tight, memorable night at the Rio.

Awards and Prizes are still being figured out internally amongst our team, but rest assured we will have something special to highlight the best work at the event.

Keep in mind this is our first year running as a festival, so don't expect giant cash prizes - we are committed to delivering a hilarious night to celebrate comedy in a city that doesn't highlight comedy enough.

1. The competition is open to all filmmakers living in North America.

2. The only rule as to what must be included within your sketch is that you have to include a potato in some way. You can use a lot of potato or you can use a little bit of potato. Just know we like potatoes... The story itself doesn't have to revolve around potatoes - get as creative as you'd like with this strange rule!

3. The sketches must be UNDER 4 MINUTES IN LENGTH.

4. There are no restrictions as to how you shoot your sketch. If you have a fancy camera and want to make it the most beautiful sketch the world has ever seen, go for it. If you only have a smartphone and some very funny friends, no worries at all. A lot of the biggest sketch comedy groups on social media use smartphones and with some decent editing, sound mixing, and acting, it doesn't matter. These don't have to look like Key and Peele skits. Animation is acceptable as well!

5. Please make sure the sound mixing is solid on your sketch. Nothing can ruin the enjoyment of a video more than awful sound, especially at a theatre. And please shoot HORIZONTALLY despite a lot of online skits being shot vertically these days. It'll look better that way on the big screen. :)

6. Do not play your sketch publicly online before the festival, unless it doesn't make the top 20. Then, post away!