SOMBRA is a genre film festival which is highly related to music, comics and technology, and celebrates parallel events to genre cinema with great success. It´s celebrated on the spring -17-25 March- and his one of the two
european genre film festival in Europe, wit just european movies at competition.



The European Fantastic Film Festival of Murcia SOMBRA is a project which aims to serve as a reference point for fantastic films produced in Europe, as well as promoting and supporting the European, national and regional works in the fantasy genre.


The fantastic feature competition is intended to reward the best fantastic feature film (horror, science-fiction, fantasy) produced in Europe and submitted to this contest.


Participation in the festival implies the full acceptance of the present conditions.

FILM SUBMISSION AND PARTICIPATION Submission is free and will be done via the digital platforms associated with this festival.


The submitted works must be European productions or co-productions with the participation of European production companies or firms.
The registration period for the works will begin on September 19, 2022 and end on January 25, 2023.
All entries must be original and must have been produced between 2021 and 2022.

Only films that have not been commercially released or broadcast in Spain will be accepted.

Competition program is restricted to films with fantastic themes (horror, science-fiction, fantasy).

Films presented in languages other than Spanish must be submitted with Spanish subtitles.


All entries must be sent via screening and/or download links. In the exceptional case that an online link is unavailable, a DVD or Blu-ray will be accepted.


Competition section: There are two types of competition, physical section for best European film and online section with audience award. All the films that are selected and screened during the festival will be eligible for one or more awards.

The accepted screening formats of films in competition are DCP. DVD and Blu-ray will not be accepted as screening formats.

Films presented in languages other than Spanish must be submitted with Spanish subtitles. If subtitles are in english, a dialogue list must be provided far enough in advance for subtitling.

Films to be screened in DCP format must comply with the DCI rules. Besides, the company that registered the film must also send the necessary passwords for the servers of the locale where the film will be screened.

The organization reserves the right to screen the film as many times as necessary during the festival.

The company that registered the film agrees to provide all the necessary promotional materials required by the festival.

The selected films must be sent to the following address:


Murcia - España /

All shipping and postage costs for the submission of the selected films are entirely borne by the participants. This includes the screening insurance.

All screening copies of the selected films must arrive before February 28th, 2023.


The jury is comprised of cinema and culture professionals and personalities from the region of Murcia, as well as both national and international.

Decisions of the jury are final and irrevocable. If anyone wants to discuss this, the festival is willing to form a circle of death for it. However, be warned that we reserve the right to use terrible deadly weapons for the dispute, we have a blood-thirsty troll trained for these cases, and we’ve watched plenty of films where methods of body disposal are thoroughly explained.


- Grand prize for the best fantastic European feature film, which consists of a trophy, and 500€ for the company that registered the film.

- awards for best director, actor, actress, screenwriter and cinematography. These awards consist of a trophy without economic endowment.

Before the payment is completed, evidence of ownership of rights must be provided, as well as evidence that SOMBRA receives credit on screen and in all promotional materials of the film.

The organization agrees to facilitate the visit of the winners to the festival so that they can collect the prize. Likewise, the companies registering the films agree to send a representative to attend to the closing gala and presentation of awards.

If any of the requirements outlined in these rules is violated, the organization is empowered to not award the prize.