Monthly, SOFIE TV presents specially curated screenings on the TV and streaming platform, Roku. The screenings are inspired by specific themes, genres and other interesting, creative groupings. Chosen shorts will be featured on the SOFIE TV Roku channel. Shorts may also be chosen for broadcast on several New York cable channels.

SOFIE TV short film content and other artistic works are curated by The Short Film Awards, an international awards organization that, each year, honors the giants of short film...the best producers, directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, sound engineers, stylists and other creators of short films.

The Short Film Awards, affectionately nicknamed the SOFIES, was born out of a love for the special art form known as the Short Film. Due to its brief nature, the Short Film fosters an unmatched spirit of creativity, resourcefulness and independence that inspires, stirs and transforms. The Short Film Awards promote and extol the Short Film as an important and unique art form and outlet for social commentary.

The Short Film Awards Foundation is an officially approved 501(c)3, nonprofit organization.

If your project is chosen:

1. ALL chosen shorts will screen on the SOFIE TV channel on Roku. (In 2021, Roku reported a total of 56.4 million active viewers.)

2. Project titles will be eligible to be added to IMDB, if not already listed.

3. ALL chosen shorts will also be featured on The SOFIE TV website and social media accounts to further expand exposure.

4. ONLY if specified within the submission details on this page, your work will be included in a live screening event in the New York Metropolitan area. If a live screening is not included in the submission details, submitted short films may still be chosen for a special live screening, at a later date.

5. ALL submitters will be invited to attend The 8th Annual Short Film Awards, occurring in November 2022, to network with and be inspired by other tremendously talented filmmakers and some powerbrokers in the film and entertainment industries, from around the globe. Please visit:

1. Unless otherwise specified in the category listings, you may submit shorts produced in any year.

2. Submitted short films must be under 31 minutes long.

3. ALL submitters must have all rights to the submitted work, as well as the rights to all content included within the work. (music, photos, artwork, etc)

4. All submitters whose short films are chosen to screen on SOFIE TV must sign a SOFIE TV (non-exclusive) Content License Agreement.

5. If chosen to screen on SOFIE TV, the work must be submitted as outlined below, as appropriate:

Delivery Specifications:

• Downloadable, via Google Drive, DropBox or WeTransfer.

• Format
MP4 format (h.264 video / AAC audio)

• Bit Rate
Minimum thresholds for video are:
2000kbps for Standard 16:9 format video

• Resolution
1920 × 1080 for Standard 16:9 format video