SLOP (Student Led Online Programming) is developing a student film festival and network to promote accessibility to video production and the film industry at large. Our Fall 2021 Film Festival will be the first of our efforts to showcase your work and get self-made student filmmakers connected.

The SLOP Film Festival will present an eclectic mix of work made by student filmmakers who are not enrolled in film degree programs. As "non-film-degree-students" ourselves, we wanted access to more support and connection within the self-taught artist community, so we created SLOP. We want to showcase self-made artists to get more eyes on your work, and create pathways for communication and support within the community. Our hope is that we provide some of the connections and tools you need as stepping stones to breaking into the film industry.

Each one of you who decides to submit to the festival will be limited to two submissions of 50 minutes or less, and of any genre/film format. The prize for SLOP Film Fest will be a subsidized entrance fee into the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas. This prize winner will receive what we call the SLOPPY Award. The criteria for the SLOPPY Award is as follows: a film that presents something that unquestionably sets it apart from other submissions, and in SLOP fashion, is a true collaborative effort by student artists that exhibits a self-starting attitude and grit.

Even if you are not the prize winner you'll have the benefits of getting your film seen, and meeting a diverse group of other student artists who you would not have connected with otherwise. Films that are not accepted into the film festival are also eligible to be showcased in SLOP's future online video magazine.

We can't wait to see all of your work and hopefully your pretty faces in the Fall :)

**Note: Notification date is susceptible to changes.


The SLOPPY Award - Prize = subsidized entry fee into 2021 South By Southwest in Austin, Texas.

Due to the number of submissions in each category, we are suspending the "category bests" awards.


1. Limit of 2 submissions per person
2. All films must be under 50 minutes.
3. Film Format: Youtube or Vimeo


1. We cannot showcase films containing copyrighted content. If a filmmaker wants to include copyrighted content in their work, it is their responsibility to secure the appropriate licensing and present it to the SLOP festival directors. SLOP Film Festival will not be held responsible for any unauthorized content or materials.

2. The SLOP Film Festival will not tolerate hate of any kind; if your film is damaging to, or presents prejudice towards any race/gender/sexuality/religion/etc. we reserve the right to pull it from the competition. The SLOP Film Festival will not tolerate child pornography; if your film contains child pornography we reserve the right to pull it from the competition.

3. The SLOP Film Festival does not claim ownership of, or responsibility for any of the content submitted to the competition. Any legal issues that may come up must be dealt with by the filmmakers themselves.

4. Any film(s) you submit must be owned by you, or you must have permission from the owner to submit it.

5. Any film that is not in English must have English subtitles.

6. SLOP Film Festival will not be held responsible for damaged copies.

7. Film categories and award titles are liable to adjustment before the festival based on entries received.