Since 1999 Seoul International Youth Film Festival(SIYFF) has been striving to increase the understandings for children and youth culture via film and to suggest film as an educational alternative. SIYFF focuses on opening windows for creative youth with unique perspectives to explore their own world and on nurturing them for their bright future. Therefore, SIYFF will keep try to make a new spot of culture-complex where everyone from children to the elderly can communicate through the festival and enjoy the films, break generation gaps and cultural boundaries.

* Awards to EACH Section
- SIYFF Grand Prize : This award is granted to the best short film in the section.
- Artistic Experiment Award : This award is granted to the film which is progressive and
experimental in its artistic expression.
- Challenging Reality Award : This award is granted to the film which shows critical eyes on reality and determination to overcome fears and difficulties.

* SIYFF International Youth Jury Award : This award is granted to ‘the picture of the year’ chosen by International Youth Jury in Competition 13+.

* SIYFF Eyes Award is granted to ‘picture of the year’ chosen by SIYFF Audience jury for each non-competition section - [Kid’s Eye], [Teen’s Eye], [Strong Eye]

0. Priority will given to films produced after May 2015.

1. Film entry for Competition section is limited to short films with which running time is shorter than 40 minutes.

2. Competition section is divided by the age of director and all genres are welcomed. However, film entry for Competition 19+ section must be limited to the themes of children, adolescents, family and coming-of-age.

3. Priority will given to films produced after May 2015.

4. Films previously screened or awarded from other film festivals are also able to submit. In this case, presented history must be stated in entry form.

5. Once selected in the competition section of SIYFF, entrants cannot participate in any other programs of SIYFF such as SIYFFNY, international youth jury, or audience jury. If officially selected entrant was chosen in the other program simultaneously, competition participation is prior to the other programs.

6. Only Eligible film formats and video systems are as follows
1) Video : HD(NTSC), Digi-Beta(NTSC), HDV(NTSC), DV/mini DV(NTSC)
2) DCP(D-Cinema) : Window version, Linux version

7. It is essential that films in languages other than English must be submitted in a print or video with English subtitles except for the non-verbal films.

8. Once selected as official selection, entrant must submit documentation materials of the film(still photographs, director’s picture). If not, competition qualification can be canceled.

9. The preview DVD or Online Screener should NOT be different from the screening material.

10. SIYFF reserves the right to decide upon matters not discussed in the above regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Great festival with lots of people! I'm very glad I was able to attend.
    There were some issues with the english communication (facebook and web page), but hopefully this will be better next year. Anyway - my emails were normally answered quickly, and the staff was very nice!
    Siyff is without doubt a large festival in Seoul.

    October 2016