At the origin of this event, a common passion for cinema and gastronomy; and 2 books that we wrote: «les petits plats du grand écran» (1999) and Ciné-bouffe (2001); and then a 1st International Film and Gastronomy Festival in Dijon (2004 and 2005). It is therefore with gourmet pleasure that we have decided to pay tribute, through this festival, the most delicious films evoking gastronomy and the most exquisite table scenes to try to understand why and how they were cooked by the directors who imagined them, and what they bring to the narration of a film. We also had the desire to use the cinema to create a bridge with “eating well”, that is to take control of your food, to find out where the food comes from and what it contains. and discover or rediscover the taste of cooking in order to make informed choices, to eat less unconsciously. It is with an insatiable gastronomic delight that we concocted the different themes of this event.
In our village, where the oldest houses date from the 16th century, about thirty feature films have been shot. like Tess, which you can see, above, a shooting photo that we have embedded in the present of our village.

Prix du jeune public
Prix du pôle audio visuel de Douarnenez
Prix du jury
Prix du long métrage de fiction
Prix du documentaire
Prix du film court
Prix du film Mordant

Young audience award
Price of the pole audio visual of Douarnenez (a place that brings together the professionals of the cinema of brittany)
Jury prize
Fiction Feature Film Award
Documentary award
Short Film Award
Mordant (biting) Film Award

other food prices are under consideration

the selected films must have the theme of food and only food.
Documentaries, short films and fiction feature films

Overall Rating
  • Gino Zhang

    Thank you for the selection of our film, I hope the festival will be more and more successful!

    October 2023
  • dhiney ramos

    It was a very good experience. The organisation, communication and the people who works for this festival. Thank you guys!

    October 2023
  • Great festival, thanks for including our movie, hope to see you next year <3

    October 2022
    Response from festival:


    your film received the award
    Prix du pôle audio visuel de Douarnenez

    can you give me your address for sending the diplome

    Have a nice day

    Christophe Casazza

  • Was an immense pleasure and a fantastic experience!

    October 2022
  • Je vous remercie de m'avoir sélectionnée.

    October 2022