We are pleased to open the fourth season of the Switzerland International Film Festival.

No matter if you have never made a movie before, but have a burning wish to do so, or you have already made hundreds, this is the Festival for you.

What sort of movies you make, whether you create complex dramas set in medieval times, prefer fast-paced action thrillers or make nothing but western shaky-cam romantic comedies, we want to hear your story and see your vision!

Your submission can be new or old, long or short, everything we require is that you are proud of what you made!

Our website: http://www.festti.com/

Opening Date - January 22, 2020
Notification Date - November 17, 2021
Event Date - November 22 - 26, 2021

Festival Program:
22.11.2021 - The opening of the Festival and Short Film screenings
22.11.2021 - Foreign Film screenings
23.11.2021 - Drama and Experimental Film screenings
24.11.2021 - Documentary Film screenings
25.11.2021 - Animation Film and Music Video screenings
26.11.2021 - Award Winners of the Festival

Look forward to seeing You at this Grand Event!

Please note, that the dates of the event may shift due to the quarantine situation. But no later than November 22 - 26, 2021
Also, we remind you that due to the new wave of quarantine, it was decided to hold this season online.
Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time. For our part, we will do our best to make this event grandiose.

Awards are given in the following categories:

- Best Short Film
- Best Foreign Film
- Best Drama Film
- Best Documentary Film
- Best Animation Film
- Best Experimental Film
- Best Music Video

Screenplay Award categories:
Best Screenplay

There aren't many rules to follow when participating at Switzerland International Film Festival, but the few we have are really important:

☆ The movie must be one of the following genres:

- Short Film
- Foreign Film
- Drama Film
- Documentary Film
- Animation Film
- Experimental Film
- Music Video

☆ All non-English films (or other forms of media) must have English subtitles.
☆ All screenplays must be in English.
☆ The film production could be from any year.
☆ Any decisions made by the judges and/or competition administrators must be considered final and cannot be disputed.
☆ If your film is selected for screening, you will be asked to send us all the necessary materials.
☆ All entrants will be notified of acceptance by E-mail. Make sure your email address is valid.
☆ All films that belong to the category "Films about Swiss culture" will be reviewed by the judges. The winners will be announced on November 26th.
☆ By submitting your work to the Switzerland International Film Festival you represent that you have read and agree to all rules, terms and conditions.

Overall Rating
  • Brad Look

    Thank you so much to the Switzerland International Film Festival for selection my short animated script, A PACKAGE OF DREAMS. as an award winner! I am honored.

    November 2021
  • Christiane Hoefert

    Many thanks to the festival team and their great and fast communication, I was pleased to take part.

    November 2021
  • It was a delight to work with the SIFF team. They are responsive, timely, and it was overall a fantastic experience! Highly recommend a submission to this excellent festival.

    November 2021
  • Thanks to SIFF and Director Fuger for the excellent organisation of the festival. We are proud to have won the "Best Drama Films" category with my film "SERPENTI". I congratulate my Cast and Staff.

    November 2021
  • barbara peikert

    I was heartbroken that SIFF had to be changed to an online festival just a few days before the festival started due to Covid-19. I was really looking forward to the festival! The SIFF organizing team made my time at the festival easy, and most importantly, SIFF put on a fantastic virtual festival with a great streaming platform, an incredibly passionate, helpful and professional team, and an excellent, multifaceted quality of films!

    November 2021