Be part of a festival that is changing urban planning, making it more engaging, accessible, and inclusive. SF Urban Film Fest is for anyone with a story to tell about the issues in a city: from where and whether people have a place to sleep, to the quality of the air they breathe, to the identities they form and the empowerment they seek.

SF Urban Film Fest is part of a growing movement in the urban planning community that is using the power of storytelling to change the status quo. Now in its 6th season, SFUFF sparks discussion and civic engagement around urban issues every year, framing important policy decisions with our themes and panel discussions with interested activists, urban planners, academics, artists, and students.

The SFUFF 2019 season is seeking submissions for captivating, thoughtful films that address urban issues. Shorts and documentaries constitute approximately 75% of our programming, but we are open to any format as long as it fits into our overall program themes.

We are looking for films that deal with subject matter in the following broad categories. While these are just a starting point and not definitive, please pick a bucket that best fits your film; doing so will increase the chances that your film will be selected.

- Housing
- Transportation
- Economics/ Equity
- Environment
- Culture/ Identity
- Politics/ Governance

We aim to amplify voices that are often unheard and encourage directors with diverse identities, backgrounds, and experiences to submit.


- Films are viewed and rated by at least 2 members of our review team before moving on to the next stage of judging.
- Films will only be reviewed if we are provided with a full-length version, and the film is applicable to our stated themes.
- Programming committee is made up of urban planners, filmmakers, community activists, and scholars.
- Films are judged on quality, unique perspective, and most importantly their fit in our program themes.

Decisions are final and feedback for submissions is not currently available.


Fay Darmawi, SFUFF Founder and Executive Producer / Urban Planner / Screenwriter
Ronald Sundstrom, SFUFF Humanities Advisor/Professor of Philosophy
Robin Abad, SFUFF Program Producer/Urban Designer
Susie Smith, SFUFF Program Producer/Filmmaker
Omeed Manocheri, SFUFF Program Producer/Media Producer

- Submissions should be made digitally in one of the following formats: MOV, H264, QT, WMV, MP4. If these formats are not available, please submit a link to the film on Vimeo or YouTube with any applicable passwords. DVD and VHS copies will NOT be accepted.
- We have no limits on the year of completion.
- Entrant confirms they have required legal authority to submit and to use all the music, images, and content of the entry.