SciFi and Space Exploration Documentary Film Festival that's out of this world, i.e Positive Space Films :)

Space Faring Civilisation (SFC) Film Festival focuses on promoting films that revolve around space exploration. The films accepted fall under two major categories: Space Documentaries and Optimistic Sci-fi - inspiring a better future through exploring the unknown.

This festival is an evolution from the SFC Writing contest which ran for 2 years.

So if you’re a filmmaker and a space geek then submit your film that educates & inspires us to be the future peaceful, responsible and prosperous Space Faring Civilisation.


1. You submit your film. Please note when you submit there are two major categories (Space Documentary and Optimistic Sci-Fi). Select the appropriate one. Then within each major category there will be four sub-categories, or themes. Select the one that describes your film best.

2. Your film will be reviewed and if suitable, it will be selected to be shown to members at

3. Members will vote on the films during the film festival submission dates.

4. At the end of the submission dates, all votes will be tallied for each sub-category (theme). One winner per sub-category. Winners will be notified and invited to a film festival screening and awards date.

5. On the day of screening all eight films will be shown on a large screen with attending audience at Canberra Technology Park, along with a few more films selected by sfcfilms. The attending audience will vote for best film for each major category at the screening, from the sub-category winners only. That evening will be the Gala event and awards will be presented to winners with celebrations to conclude the film festival.

Major Categories (AUD $1500 each) - Voted/Selected by audience attending screening day from sub-category winners
- Best Space Documentary
- Best Optimistic Sci-Fi
Sub-Categories or Themes, one winner only per theme (AUD $500 each) - Voted/Selected by members of
- Space Documentary - Rocket Science theme winner
- Space Documentary - Earth Science theme winner
- Space Documentary - Astronomy theme winner
- Space Documentary - Future Space Exploration theme winner
- Optimistic Sci-Fi - Friendly Aliens theme winner
- Optimistic Sci-Fi - For All Humans theme winner
- Optimistic Sci-Fi - Space Pioneers theme winner
- Optimistic Sci-Fi - Caring For Our Universe theme winner

By submitting your film to SFC Film Festival you agree to the following:
1. The film is your original idea & creation and you hold all copyrights associated.

2. If your film is selected, you give us permission to add your film to members section where members can view and vote on winners during the period of the film festival from 20th March 2021 to the end of the festival and cinema screening. It will NOT be viewable publicly.

3. If you are the winner of any of the sub-categories you give us permission to screen your film at the screening and festival award celebration day, at a venue in Canberra Australia. Please have a representative attend the event, or connect online via Zoom to receive your award.

4. You give us permission to include images or snippets of your film to promote the film festival during and after the 2021 SFC Film Festival.

5. You Give us permission to use images or excerpts from your film to promote SFC Film festival.

1. You film must be less that or equal to 30 minutes long.
2. Your film must be suitable for general public viewing. No horror, sexual, and hatred materials.
3. Must be of high quality, at least full HD (1080p). We maybe able to enhance your older SD videos to 1080P or more. Contact Masoud before submitting.

Overall Rating
  • Amin Yekta

    It was great being in participating in this festival, entering my script which became a finalist. I was also enjoying the great vibe of the filmmaker's circle.

    December 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much Amin. Wonderful to see that you had a go. Keep it up mate, don't give up. The journey is just as important as the destination.