Sex Education Festival has been created in a time of controversy, which has seen society as a whole debate whether or not schools should receive sex education. Our main goal is to educate and highlight the importance of sex as a part of health education, while showcasing how vital it is for young people's development, learning, and overall well-being. The Sex Education Festival launches its first edition in January 2021 and is made up of team of qualified professionals; from education, communication, and audiovisual. We believe this expertise will not only widen the audience’s knowledge and learnings regarding sex education, but will also work to make the festival a success.

2 categories
TEENS EDUCATION Short films to be seen by teenagers, from 12 years old.
Jury’s award for best documentary, fiction or animated short film: 500 euros
ADULTS EDUCATION Short films to be seen by adults, from 18 years old.
Jury’s award for best documentary, fiction or animated short film: 500 euros

You can submit any short film which has been published after January 2018.
You can submit any national or international short film (fiction, animated or documentary) that focuses on sex education.
Each participant may submit more than one short film.
Films can be submitted in any language, but participants must include subtitles in English.
The length of the short film cannot exceed:
15 minutes for fiction and animated films.
20 minutes for documentaries.
All entries must be submitted within June 1st, 2020 and December 1st, 2020, both included.
Films must be submitted online via FilmFreeway. Films can be submitted also via wetransfer to the email The reception and proper submission of the materials will be confirmed to participants via email.

The authors of the selected short films for the Official Selection and the Non Competitive Selection must send a high quality copy of the film, two stills and, if possible, a teaser to be published at the Official Programme. All these must be sent to the email address submitted by the organization of the festival:
The organization will announce the finalists on the 20th of December 2020.
The films may not include any content that disrespects any person, group or entity or violates people’s rights to honour, privacy, and their own image or any other rights affecting third parties.
The organization of the SEX EDUCATION FESTIVAL declines any legal responsibility regarding the short films submitted to the Festival and their content.
The participants must guarantee that the short films are not violating any intellectual property, industrial or exploitation rights.
The authors of the short films submitted to the Festival sign over the rights for the Festival to show them publicly.
All submitted material will become part of the festival’s archive.
The concession of the right to show the short films included in the Official Selection, and therefore, included in the official festival’s programme, will be extended for one year, beginning on the last day of this current edition of the festival.
The organization keeps the right of partial or total use of the short films in the Official Selection, always without any commercial or lucrative purpose, for the promotion or advertising of the Festival. Likewise the organization keeps the right to publish a preview or a piece of maximum 30 seconds of each short film in the Official Selection in the Website and Social Media for the same purpose.

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