SCREAM it off SCREEN Short Film Gong Show is a virtual short film competition that's live-streamed to YouTube, but also has a live in-studio audience. Viewers & audience members work together to determine each film's destiny by voting "LET it PLAY" or "GONG it". Gonged films are cut short & no longer eligible to win the BIG NASTY CA$H PRIZE. All films that did not get gonged will be in the winner's poll & viewers will vote to crown a champ at the end of the night.

All films that meet entry requirements are accepted into the competition and entered into a lottery. 10 films will be randomly drawn from the lottery to compete, live on air, just before showtime. FILMMAKERS MUST COMMIT TO TUNING INTO THE LIVE SHOW ON YOUTUBE & WATCHING UNTIL THE END, REGARDLESS OF THEIR FILM BEING SELECTED. This is a community thing we're trying to build.

This show airs LIVE on YouTube the 2nd Friday of every month. If your film isn't drawn from the lottery, you can keep submitting the same film every month until it's selected. If your film is gonged, you can re-work it, and re-submit, but you must make significant edits first.


The host, Terry, dedicates an original winner's song to the champion, and a photo of the winner with the big check will be posted on our website for all to adorn (forever).

Winners also go on to compete in the Best of 2022 Competition where the prize will be much BIGGER and much NASTIER.

BIGGEST BADDEST RULE: Submitting Filmmakers MUST tune into the live broadcast of the competition which streams on YouTube. If you can't 100% commit to attendance, don't enter. We do not want to ban you from the competition for 8yrs.

Other Guidelines:
1. Must be 3-15 minutes long
2. Must be your own original work (filmed or animated by YOU)
3. No Commercials or Reels
4. Only Official Music Videos are permitted
5. You must have all necessary rights for your film, and exhibition of your film must not breach or infringe upon any rights including music, images, and any other content.
6. Must comply with YouTube community guidelines.
7. One Film Entry / Person or Group
8. A film can only be entered more than once if it has been GONGED at a previous competition AND re-worked.

Overall Rating
  • One of my favorite festivals as a filmmaker and viewer as well. Great community and there‚Äôs always an excellent variety of films each month. Terry and Natalie deserve major kudos for how much love and work they put into this on a monthly basis. Highly recommended!

    December 2022
  • A unique and entertaining program featuring a diverse spectrum of talent. Free entry policy is awesome for filmmakers and fans. I look forward to submitting and watching every month!

    December 2022
  • Justin Russell

    One of the best entertaining online film contest around.

    December 2022
  • Ramsses Ali Quesada

    it was a great experience. hope to participate in the next event.

    November 2022
  • Always a fun time tuning in!

    November 2022