SCREAM it off SCREEN is a short film competition where audience members real-time vote "LET it PLAY" or "GONG it" on each film. It airs LIVE on YouTube the 2nd Wednesday of every month. It's free to submit and watch. Submissions are open until the Saturday before each show, and entered into a lottery. 10 contestants are then randomly selected to compete LIVE on YouTube just before the show begins. Exciting, isn't it?

‚Äč10 short films compete every month. Audience members vote when a red square enters the corner of the screen. A link to vote is then provided in the chat.

- Films less than 4 minutes get the red light at the half way point.
- Films more than 4 minutes get the red light at the 3 minute mark.

If "GONG it!" is the majority, the film will be cut short and we'll move on to the next. Gonged films are not eligible to win the cash prize, but can be reworked and reentered to a competition in the future.

At the end of the night each viewer casts one vote for their favorite film. The winner will then be announced LIVE on AIR.


Winners also go on to compete in the Best of 2021 Competition where the prize will be much BIGGER and much NASTIER, we're just not sure how much bigger and nastier yet.

1. Must be 3-15 minutes long
2. Must be your own original work (filmed or animated by YOU)
3. No Commercials or Reels
4. Only Official Music Videos are permitted
5. You must have all necessary rights for your film, and exhibition of your film must not breach or infringe upon any rights including music, images, and any other content.
6. Must comply with YouTube community guidelines.
7. One Film Entry / Person or Group
8. A film can only be entered more than once if it has been GONGED at a previous competition AND re-worked.

Overall Rating
  • Chop Slaughter


    September 2021
  • Aki Aitos

    I had an awesome experience! Thank you!

    September 2021
  • Christopher Kurtz

    I was glad to have selected for this festival.

    September 2021
  • NEOKORTEX Productions

    Scream it off screen is the best festival experience I had.
    They entertain us during the fest,while having a system where the people are part of the whole voting system.
    Keep up the great work guys and Im looking forward for the next one


    September 2021
  • Jeff Page

    90's DIY artistic spirit is alive an well and this festival is proof. such awesome, fresh, creative energy behind their program:) Highly recommend!!

    September 2021