SCI-FI-LONDON is the UK's only dedicated science fiction film festival and is recognised internationally as a great place to premiere.

We seek out thought-provoking, challenging and exciting genre films, be they short form, features or relevant documentary.

This year the festival takes place at the wonderful Prince Charles Cinema in London’s Leicester Square and our long time home, Stratford Picturehouse in London’s Olympic Borough.

The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film or SCI-FI-LONDON as we like to be known, promotes science fact as well as fiction.

Filmmakers often tell us that sci-fi is tough to make due to a perceived need for special effects or lack of credible stories. Our festival looks at new ways of telling stories and puts cutting-edge research and practice in the spotlight.

For 2019 we continue to add immersive/VR content - we love Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift and think it is a great new medium for SF storytelling. We have added a new submission category and hope to see your content!

Also, we are keen to encourage female directors and writers to submit without any financial hindrance - so look out for our F-RATED fee amnesties.

Scientists, comic artists, leading genre writers and filmmakers explore where fact and fiction intersect. Be part of it.

We have awards for Best Feature, Best Short and Audience Awards at each festival.

Submitting is easy and our rules very simple.

PLEASE NOTE: We will want a DCP of your film for screening - if you dont have one you can make one yourself for free - read this document for instructions

We now ONLY accept online screeners, via FF or links to other services like Vimeo, but only with a valid FilmFreeway reference.

Your film does not need to be a UK premiere, though we'd prefer it. However it does need to have been completed in the last 15months.

For screening, should your film be accepted, we will require a DCP (to our specification, details will be sent to you) AND an MP4 copy for backup and archive purposes.

DO NOT SEND PRESS PACKS, PHOTOS, TESTIMONIALS OR ANYTHING ELSE WITH YOUR SUBMISSION - it is a waste of paper and post. If we accept your film we will ask for the other things we need. Better still, make sure you upload a full press kit and trailer to your film's listing.

So, the process is this - our selection team view the film, if we like's in!

Features are often preceded by a short film selected by us. We believe strongly in a short & feature programme for our audience.

Films submitted to the festival will be promoted on our website, in printed materials (such as the festival programme) and in our press and marketing activity (this can include presenting films that we have selected to the press. You give us the right to use the name of the film, the images submitted for the uses listed. We will of course ask you if we want to screen your film in any tour or similar activity, as we often get asked to do guest spots at other festivals.

Once a film is submitted and accepted to the festival you guarantee to not withdraw it from the festival under any circumstances. You also guarantee to make sure we actually receive screening materials at least two weeks before the festival. If the screening and it will be a world premiere, please talk to us about a)making a big deal about it and b) keeping us in the production loop!

We put part of the festival online at our VOD service, and we may wish to include your short film, advertised as "featured at the next festival". If we accept your movie please make it very clear to us if you DO NOT want your movie put on our festival webTV site. We may also look to include some of the feature films selected, let us know if we can screen yours and offer limited access to the feature film.

**Please note: We are careful to watch and evaluate every film that is submitted to our festival. Therefore, if you submitted the film you intend to submit in a previous year and were not accepted, please make sure that you have significantly changed your film (new sound mix, different ending, re-edited, shortened etc) before you submit again.

PLEASE NOTE: We will want a DCP of your film for screening - if you dont have one you can make one yourself for free - read this document for instructions

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your film.

Overall Rating
  • Stuart Ashen

    A well established festival that's considered one of the best for good reason. Superbly run in an excellent location - can't recommend highly enough.

    June 2018
  • Andy Sowerby

    Excellent festival, lovely team, good venue. Great to see my film on a big screen at Picturehouse.

    May 2018
  • Personally, I would not recommend a shorts filmmaker outside of the London area traveling to the festival. I was extremely excited to have my film selected and have its World Premiere at Sci-Fi London and thus spent $$$ to travel from NYC to attend all my screenings. I purchased my airfare BEFORE the schedule was announced and was very disappointed to see my shorts block (along with most of the shorts blocks) were programmed during the week in the middle of the day (Wed through Fri at 1 pm & 3 pm). Thus, no one except for filmmakers and a few diehard fans were in attendance. That wouldn't have been a big issue if there were Q&A's after the screenings. Instead, the shorts blocks were packed with films, some that would not have been missed if left out, and no time was left in between screenings for a quick Q&A. In fact, time was so tight that we were rushed out of the theater each time so the next one could start. The venue itself is a lovely little theater with a cafe in Stratford that I enjoyed relaxing and chatting with filmmakers that I actively made an effort to connect to prior to the festival. I commiserated with several people about how the shorts programming went. I have a feeling no one wants to speak up publicly and negatively about festivals for fear of backlash but I want to save indie filmmakers the trouble and $ they might have spent thinking their shorts would get an audience and fair treatment. The feature screenings looked like they were packed and well marketed while shorts films got no love or marketing from the festival. To be honest I couldn't make it to the features at night because I was exhausted mentally and physically from watching 3 incredibly long shorts blocks in a row starting at 1 pm. If I had waited to book my plane tickets after I received the schedule, I would've paid much more for my travel expenses. Furthermore, communication was sporadic, unclear, and often took a long time. One boat trip they organized for filmmakers to replace a day of programming they canceled was poorly organized and turned out to be just a ride on the public transit ferry service. They waited until EVERY person showed up to the dock before getting in the long line for tickets. Thus, I would've had to wait an hour and a half after the meeting time to get on the boat. It being my last day in London, I opted to leave and go to the free museums. The people organizing and volunteering at the festivals are lovely but they definitely need to rethink how they program and treat their shorts filmmakers. In summary, if you're making a short or feature and you're based in London, it doesn't hurt to submit and attend to meet lovely genre filmmakers and fans. Otherwise, save your $ and stay at home.

    May 2018
  • I really enjoyed the selection of films and felt privileged to be a part of this fest. Louis and the team are passionate and welcoming hosts. Met lots of great like minded industry folk from all over the globe. I highly recommend you enter this fest with your Sci Fi best!

    May 2018
  • Simon Pearce

    A fantastic film festival, a very welcoming and supportive team and a great selection of films. A fun and creative atmosphere throughout! I definitely hope to be back!

    May 2018