SATX Cinema Showdown (SACS) presented by ArroTV Launchpad is a monthly film showcase and Annual Awards Fiesta dedicated to inspiring and promoting emerging filmmakers.

Our Monthly Film showcases include up to ten (10) short films chosen to participate in a live screening and Cinema Showdown. Here, the live audience will select the top film of the month and be crowned that month’s showdown winner.

Other live screenings of Feature length films chosen as Special Selections and are also shown at various venues within San Antonio, Texas with a final Film Fiesta including the Audience Favorites in April 2023.

Monthly SACS winners will receive, A spot in the Annual Cinema Showdown Awards Fiesta and one (1) free submission to any future contest.

The following Awards and Prizes will be issued at the Annual Cinema Showdown Awards Fiesta.

Best Feature Film-TBA
Best Short Film- TBA
Best Documentary Short- $TBA
Best Animated Short- TBA
Best Student Film-Scholarship TBA
Other prizes and Awards TBA


The following is an explanation of the Rules and Guidelines governing film submissions to San Antonio Cinema Showdown presented by ArroTV Launchpad. Compliance with these Rules and Guidelines is necessary in order to participate in Monthly Film Challenges and the Annual Awards Fiesta.

Submission of a film implies unconditional acceptance of the Rules & Guidelines, therefore, please carefully read through the Rules prior to submitting your film.

If you have any questions, please contact San Antonio Cinema Showdown by emailing

1. The San Antonio Cinema Showdown accepts submissions for films in the following categories:

Feature Films (Narrative) Animated, Adventure, SciFi, Comedy

Shorts Films (under 22 minutes): Narrative, Animated, Documentary, Student, Texas, U.S. and International.

2. The Entrant/s submitting the film must hold all legal rights for the submission, as well as all necessary clearances for public exhibition.

3. The Filmmaker/s retain/s all submission and intellectual property rights.

4. Premiere is not required. Please contact with any questions.

5. Films must be submitted electronically via FilmFreeway.

6. The Filmmaker/s is/are responsible for making sure all submission materials are submitted by the submission deadline indicated via download on Film Freeway or to the DropBox Link which will be emailed upon Selection. If your film does not arrive or is not uploaded by the deadline for which you have registered, you may be required to enter the following month’s challenge (if applicable) or withdrawn.

7. The following concerns submission deadlines and submission fees. Note, the deadlines are not the postmark dates, but the dates by which the submission must be in the San Antonio Cinema Showdown office or registered with FilmFreeway. Each submission must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Submission fees are in U.S. Dollars per submission and is non-refundable. These fees must be paid over the Film Freeway app.

8. ONLY FILMS SUBMITTED FOR ONLINE JUDGING ARE STREAMED ON ARROTV. Films submitted for Online Audience Judging are assumed to own all rights to intellectual property including all visual and music for performance on a streaming service.

9. Films submitted for Online Audience Judging grant the right to ArroTV Launchpad to stream the Short or Feature length film for a period no less than 30 days for the purpose of online judging as well as a live audience screening if selected for such by the online audience.

10. All non-English films must include Subtitles in English.

11. Please test your media prior to submission to make sure they run properly and are not damaged. Please keep screener links and passwords up-to-date and notify the SACS office promptly with any changes.

12. Filmmakers are allowed to submit more than one film for the Festival provided that each film is submitted separately and meets guidelines. Some monthly guidelines may change (example: specific genre challenge/ Animation Shootout/ Student Shootout). Be sure to read category guidelines for each month carefully.

13. Filmmakers are allowed to re-submit a film that was previously submitted provided all eligibility requirements are met.

14. A student submitting a film must provide proof that they are currently or where a student at the time the film was Made. Proof may be a photocopy of a current and valid student ID or a letter from his/her school verifying enrollment at the time the film was made. Student status includes any person in Grade K-12 including Homeschool, College/University, or any vocational or private film training program (Example: Austin School of Film).

15. Community Guidelines: Neither SACS or ArroTV will screen any film that can be reasonably considered Pornography or involving the exploitation of Children. Nor will we accept any film that clearly calls for the disenfranchisement or harm of any individual or people group. SACS will not return submission fees of materials that violate these guidelines.

15. San Antonio Cinema Showdown will not return submitted materials or store materials beyond the festival’s final screening.

16. Entrants may contact the SACS to find out if the Festival received the submission: Filmmakers submitting through FilmFreeway can check their status through the website.

17. The Filmmaker is responsible for all inbound shipping costs, domestic or international.

18. All personal contact information is to remain confidential and not to be shared with any third parties.

19. SACS reserves the right to use images from films selected in the Festival for marketing purposes.

20. All decisions regarding award winners are considered final and incontestable.

21. All films submitted must have been completed after January 1, 2017

22. Applicants acknowledge that SACS reserves the right to change venues or the nature of screenings and events due to circumstances related to public health and welfare or at the direction of local, state, or federal authorities. In such cases, no submission refunds shall be issued.

Overall Rating
  • A great film festival & we're highly appreciative for them selecting us!

    May 2023
  • Doug Boethin

    Thank You Bob, Phil, and the rest of ArroTV for having a Platform for Independent Filmmakers to Showcase their Visions of Love!
    This is a very well conceived Festival serving San Antonio and the rest of the World with ArroTV Launchpad streaming the World! Most Excellent, keep it going!

    August 2022
  • Rob Mabry

    This is a monthly film festival that is run well and with the attention and passion of bigger, annual events. Great venue, Q&A with filmmakers and despite a few technical issues, good sound and image quality. Highly recommend for Texas filmmakers...always a good mix of regional films.

    July 2022
  • Daniel Tucker

    Really happy that San Antonio is getting something like this. While there are a couple kinks to work out in the presentation of the films and some virtual-related stuff, the heart is obviously in the right place. Great selection of varied films spanning multiple genres and cultures. Hope to see this grow.

    May 2022
  • Nikolaos Falcone Georgiadis

    .....ok festival, liked it and thank you!

    May 2022