Ryan Anthony Manda was born on August 26th, 1992, in Fountain Valley, California. Growing up as the youngest of two children, he was surrounded by a supportive family that nurtured his creative spirit. Ryan's father, Dean Manda, made a living as a Fastener and Tool Salesman, while his mother, Mitzi, excelled as an Executive Assistant for a Finance Company.
From an early age, Ryan displayed a passion for storytelling and the visual arts. This passion drove him to explore various creative avenues, ultimately leading him to become a Writer, Director, and Concept Artist. His artistic journey began to take shape with the release of his debut short film, "Fair Warning," which showcased his innate talent and marked the beginning of an exciting career.
Building on his initial success, Ryan delved into the realm of documentary filmmaking, producing a feature-length documentary that delved into the life and journey of UFC Fighter, Gabe Green. This endeavor allowed Ryan to showcase his versatility and ability to capture the essence of compelling real-life stories.
Continuing to push his creative boundaries, Ryan recently completed his next short film, "Midnight Standoff." This sly Noir/Sci-Fi tale reflects his ability to blend genres and craft unique narratives that captivate audiences. Utilizing his commercial and fine art background, Ryan's skills extend beyond filmmaking. He creates striking Concept Art and Poster Art, using his imagination to shape and build the worlds within his films.
Ryan Anthony Manda's artistic vision is rooted in his desire to create meaningful, enjoyable, and personal films. His work bridges the gap between classical filmmaking and cutting-edge modern-day offerings, reflecting his commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling. With each project, Ryan aims to engage viewers, leaving a lasting impact and igniting their imagination.
As a Writer, Director, and Concept Artist, Ryan Anthony Manda is an emerging force in the world of filmmaking, destined to leave an indelible mark through his unique storytelling approach and dedication to his craft.
Orange Coast College
Commercial Art
Current City
Long Beach, CA
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Résumé & Attachments
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