Route Planner Film Festival is a dedicated film festival for short, online, commercial and feature films that have more than 20% set inside vehicles, around them or using tracking equipment. We showcase the best storytelling content, locations and innovative camera angles whilst "on the move".

The festival is organised by Location Routes - Film & TV Agency whom speacilising in filming "on the move" through a dedicated location library, scouting & consultancy and training.

- Cinematography Awards
- Location Awards
- Best Car Stunt Sequence
- Best Dialogue Scene within a vehicle
- Best Wide Shot/s featuring a vehicle

Winners get 20% off training and routes library access from Location Routes for a full year. More prizes to be announced soon.

- At least 20% of the content has to be set around, inside or feature roads or cars.

- All filming must be do road legally within the guidelines from the land owner of local authority.

- Content must be either filmed or released within the past two years (since 1st June 2021).