Roshd International scientific and educational film festival is an annual film festival.held in Iran,Tehran

Golden statuette and cash prize
Silver statuette and cash prize
Honorary diploma and cash prize

Roshd International Scientific and Educational Film Festival Regulations

The 53rd Annual Roshd International Film Festival will be held from 25 to 31 december 2023 in Tehran,Iran.

Ministry of Education hosts the festival under the topics:

-Education -Science

-School as the Origin of Progress
-Environmental protection
-Public health
-Human rights -Animal rights

Categories: animation
short fiction film long fiction film
feature film

There are three prizes in each category:
_Golden statuette and cash prize
_Silver statuette and cash prize
_Honorary diploma and cash prize

Terms of participation in the festival:
-Films must be made after 2021
-There is no limit to the number of films submitted.
along the film file,it is also necessary to submit:
-Five behind the scene photos of the film
-Two photos of the film director
- For the feature films a high quality poster of movie (50×70 cm dpi:120)
-Official Permission of Governmental or Non-Governmental Producer

For those who will be accepted in the competition,it is necessary to submit:
-The original version of the film with English subtitle and full HD format.

The selected films,except feature films, will be screened for free to teachers and students during the festival in Iran and abroad.
Registration for the festival means that the producer and the director of the film agree to the free screening of the film , during the Roshd International Educational Film Festival.

Special Awards:

In this section, the selected films will be awarded by Ministries,
International Institutions,
Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, Foundations.

Topics of the special awards section:

-Social damage with the approach of protecting children's rights

-Family and Youthful Population

-Negative effects of social media

-The connection between prayer, school and mosque

Apply now until November 15, 2023

Overall Rating
  • Serguéi Sandúa

    Amazing Festival and people ;)

    April 2024
  • We are very glad, that we participated in the 53rd Roshd Film Festival, and all the more happy that our film "Mom, I'm going to space!" took a Golden Statuette. Thank you for such honor!!

    It is very pleasant that the organizers are always in touch and always respond to the questions.
    We will be glad to participate in the future too.
    We wish you success.

    January 2024
  • A very good festival for children film makers.

    January 2024
  • Mir Films

    It is a great honor for my film to be part of this festival. Thank you very much.

    January 2024
  • Such an honor to be part of this Festival with Quma & the Beasts!

    December 2022