The Rome Independent Film Festival (RIFF) is Italy 's first independent and international film festival. Its aim is to unite enthusiasm for films and filmmaking among young filmmakers with the realities of film production and distribution.Since its first edition in 2001, RIFF has become an event that is followed with more and more interest by the public in Rome and a reference for worldwide filmmakers. In these years, the Riff has received works coming from the 5 continents, ending up being an attentive witness
representative of the directions and passions of the independent film industry.


Distribution Award: to promote the distribution of independent international works, the winner will be programmed at the Nuovo Cinema Aquila..

> Premio Filmaker For You: Ass. Nazionale Filmaker e Videomaker italiani

> IRP Award: post production audio / video to the value of 4,000 euro.

Award for Best Italian Short film.
> The Rai Cinema Channel award is handed over to the best web short for a value of € 3,000.00, this prize is intended to reward the effectiveness of a story on web channels. The award consists of a distribution contract of the rights of the web and free tv of the short, by Rai Cinema and will be aired on, on its partner sites and at the discretion of network managers on the RAI channels.
> Panalight Award: rental of technical materials to the value of 1,500 euro.

RIFF Award for Best International Short Film.

RIFF Award for best short film made by students of cinematic arts schools.

RIFF Award for Best Short Animation film.

Winners of the Roma Independent Film Festival will receive an TIXTER Listing to promote themselves and their scripts to TIXTER.


1. Films must have been completed after January 2024.
2. Running time for all feature length films must be no less than 52 minutes. Running time for all short films must be no more then 52 minutes.
3. Films/videos must not have received worldwide network television distribution or WEB (including cable and PAY-TV). Competitive entries must not have commercial distribution in Italy to be eligible.
4. Foreign feature or short films submitted to the Festival must be subtitled in Italian OR English if not already an English language film.
5. Entries with Digital Video, Blu-Ray and DCP must be made available for presentation at least two (2) weeks before the festival date.
6. Submissions are only accepted on digital file. Entries, as well as accompanying materials, will NOT be returned and will become property of the organization and its archive.
7. Those selected for screening during the RIFF Awards will be notified at least one(1) month before the event starts by telephone or e-mail.
8. Those selected for the monthly screenings will be notified at least thirty (30) days before the event date by telephone or e-mail.
9. For all the competitions, the project must be an Italian Premiere.
10. Film producers must also agree to include in future promotion material the mention of the participation at the Roma Independent Film Festival, the relevant section and any award received, along with the official RIFF logo, available on the Internet website.

The Jury
* RIFF AWARD recepients are determined by a jury of professional filmmakers, actors, distributors, agents and journalists.
RIFF AUDIENCE AWARD is determined by audience votes.

* All awards will be split equally between the director and the production company of the film as shown in the credits.

* DCP or file HD (and/or Blu-Ray or DV Master) to be received within 2 weeks of the event. Additional press kits, including B & W or color photos of cast and crew (on cd) 2 or more posters

Invitation and Attendance
Directors whose feature films have been selected for competition are invited as participants for 3 days. Room and board in a hotel for only one representative per film will be provided by the festival. Exceptionally, travel costs can be covered.

Overall Rating
  • Pelayo de Lario

    It was great and fun and very interesting! Thanks Fabrizio and all!

    January 2024
  • Guido M. Coscino

    I want to thank RIFF for believing in the worldwide prèmiere of my documentary 'Primo - Sempre Grezzo'. Kind and competent artistic direction, it was a pleasure and an honor to be part of it.

    December 2023
  • Quesson Colette

    Great festival, good communication and exchanges with them !

    February 2023
  • RIFF was a highlight of Lady in Ermine's festival circuit experience. Excellent feedback at the screenplay pitch session. In depth Q&A at the awards ceremony. I am grateful that the Lady in Ermine screenplay was a finalist from over 50 countries. I will go back again. Grazie Rome Independent.

    February 2023
  • Trovo questo festival ridicolo. 1) Chiedevano DCP x la proiezione. Il mio film dopo aver vinto vari festival nel mondo (Los Angeles, Calcutta etc..) era in anteprima italiana: è stato proiettato in 4:3 invece che in 16/9. Non ho mai visto una proiezione così scadente:film short brutti e analfabetici come Letizia
    Io ero l'unico vero INDIE avendo scritto, prodotto, filmato e diretto il mio film. 2) Ho partecipato alla conferenza stampa dove c'erano 4 persone e nessun giornalista. UFFICIO STAMPA inesistente direi ostile al quale ho consegnato un press kit poi abbandonato il giorno della proiezione sul bancone delle bibite e preso da una donna non giornalista. Quel giorno ho consegnato la locandina del film nelle mani del Direttore Fabrizio Ferrari che poi non la ha mai attaccata al cinema dicendo che se l'era persa.
    3) Il mio film era iscritto alla categoria LOVE AND PRIDE che poi mi hanno detto che era stata cancellata senza dirmelo.
    4) La sera che hanno fatto la festa per far incontrare i giurati con i registi non c'era nessun giurato.
    Ho avuto sempre la sensazione che tutto era stato deciso prima. Certo prendono i soldi dalle istituzioni . Tutti volontari non professionisti con tutti i soldi che hanno preso.
    Soprannominerò questo festival RAFF: ROMA AMATRICIANA FILM FESTIVAL. Incompetenti e paraculi. Basta vedere i corti premiati.

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    bravo il prossimo anno ti faremo vincere, contento?