Rome Independent Cinema Festival opens its gates to international filmmakers.

Italian cinema has been highly influential in film history, with countless masters of the artform serving as inspiration for independent artists. Rome still remains the heart of Italian film, with a large community of industry people and cultured cinema fans alike, which makes it the perfect setting to celebrate the diversity of independent cinema, at Rome Independent Cinema Festival.

As indie cinema works slightly outside of the mainstream, its position leaves room for both experimentation and artistic growth. On the other hand it needs more help reaching the right audience, therefore it has to be recognized and celebrated for its cultural value.

Our aim is to merge a cultural, inspiring program with an entertaining event, where people can have a unique experience of being artistically stimulated, while having a fun evening, meeting likeminded people in the open-air, Casa del Cinema of Rome.

We not only would like to facilitate art, but provide worthwhile entertainment to the cinema-going crowd of Rome, and therefore invite you to participate in our event this August. Submit your film and you might be included in our diverse program, and you will also have a chance to win one of our many awards.

Our 2018 season is now closed, but we are now accepting submissions for the 2019 Festival event!

Awards will be given to the following submission-categories:
Feature Film
Short Film
Feature Documentary
Short Documentary
Animated Short
Animated Feature
Foreign Film

The judges of the festival will carefully select the films to be nominated for these awards, and create a selection of nominated films to be screened in front of the live audience at Casa del Cinema, Rome. The winners will be announced at the event, on our website and on social media.

Terms & Conditions:
 All films must be made in the past 3 years
 Short films must be shorter than 50 minutes, feature films longer then 50 minutes
 We only accept films that are in English or with English subtitles
 Submitted films might be screened in front of a live audience at Rome Independent Cinema Festival
 Upon selection you will be asked to provide promotional material of the films
 We are not responsible for copyright infringement on your materials
 All submitters agree to the terms and conditions and to receiving marketing emails and discounts about film festivals. We will never sell your information to 3rd parties.