The III edition of "Roma International Fashion Film Festival - Advertising film festival and other extravagances" will take place on November 2024 in Rome (Italy).

The "Roma International Fashion Film Festival" (from now onwards RIFFF) is the Capital's first event dedicated to the fashion movies and advertising film. Its main purpose is to promote the most innovative ideas of fashion and cinema worlds, creating that emotional boundaries between artists, audience and business. The RIFFF's core is to introduce brands, in which there is a remarkable language, technology, new and avant-garde aspects and quality of products materials. Brands that communicates with the audiovisual their values and personal and social identification.
From the second edition, the RIFFF has introduced in the competition also video music, another innovative audiovisual, which embraces the philosophy of the Festival: narrate and show in a few minutes the core of a song, allowing to the creativity to express itself through the power of the emotions.

Wishing to expand further, this year the Festival proposes several changes:
- The Social Fashion Film, which includes the Eco Fashion Film and introduces the genres of Fashion Doc and social theme;
- Branded content short: short films and/or series commissioned by a company
- Product placement shorts, short films and/or series that contain a commercial product and are declared in the credits

- Dea Fama, Best Fashion Film
- Dea Fama, Best Italian Fashion Film
- Dea Fama, Social Fashion Film
- Dea Fama, Best Fashion Clip
- Dea Fama, Concept idea (best idea and script)
- Dea Fama, Best Branded Content Short
- Dea Fama, Best Italian Branded Content Short
- Dea Fama, Best Product Placement Short

The Artistic Director can assigned the following prizes:
- Special Mentions
- TV Fashion Style Best TV Series
- Best Branded Web Series
- Best actor/actress Advertising film
- Best Production Advertising film
- Best Director Advertising film
- Best Stylist Advertising film
- Best Advertising Agency
- Best brand fashion style
- Best Advertising influencer

Please note that the artistic director may also decide not to award one of the above prizes if he considers that the participating works are not qualitatively suitable.

The best work for every each categories will be awared with a plaque.

The Festival is separated in 5 competitive categories:

- FASHION SHORT: International short fashion movies, less than 10 minutes
- SOCIALFASHION FILM: fashion films which focus on an ecosustainable production and/or fashion documentaries, works with social themes, less than 10 minutes
- FASHION CLIP: open to music video that length to a maximum of 5 minutes
- BRANDED CONTENT SHORT: short films and/or series commissioned by a company, maximum of 20 minutes
- PRODUCT PLACEMENT SHORT: short films and/or series that contain a commercial product and are declared in the credits, maximum of 20 minutes

The competitive sections are open exclusively to all the works completed after December 31st 2021. The awards is going to be assigned by different Juries, formed by 3 members at least, selected among representatives of the Italian and International film and fashion world.

Filmmakers can submit the film in multiple categories, as long as each entry has a separate entry form and fee. Still, the decision about the selection is strictly determined by our judges' team and no selection is guaranteed.

All the fashion movies have to financially producted and ispired by a Brand.

It's required a Fee submission, as follow:

- EARLY BIRD: 17,90$ 16th January 2024 al 29th February 2024
- REGULAR: 24,90 $ 1st March 2024 al 30th April 2024
- LATE BIRD: 29,90$ 1st May 2024 al 30th June 2024

The application its valid only through FilmFreeway.
So, it's a mandatory to make the FilmFreeway's profile available for the selections.

Contest deadline: Entry Forms and works must be sent by June 30th 2024.

Registrations are non-refundable.

Filmmakers can submit the film in multiple categories, as long as each entry has a separate entry form and fee. Still, the decision about the selection is strictly determined by our judges' team and no selection is guaranteed.

The works sent for the pre-selection will not be returned, but will become part of the Archive of the RIFFF (see the point 9 of the following Regulation).



The participant has to upload on FilmFreeway profile and make it available to the Festival Organization the following material:

- Downloable link of the film/music video;
- Poster in pdf/jpg format;
- 2 stills in HD at least;
- Director's biography and photo in HD/ Director’s and Artist’s biography and photos in case of music video;
- Director's statement;
- Trailer;
- Socials

All materials has to be in Italian or in English.


Works selection will be handled by the Selection Committee. Selected works will be included in the category deemed the most appropriate by the Committee. The Festival's Official Program will be approved finally by the Artistic Direction.

The Selection Committee will inform participants of their decision by July 31st 2024.


For each work selected, please provide:

1) An official copy of the work in HD (Apple ProRes; H264; .mov)
2) All the Non-Italian selected movies must be Italian subtitled (only for fashion film)
3) All the Italian selected movies must be English subtitled (only for fashion film)
4) Digital Press‐kit
5) Any other promotional material

Is a mandatory to provide the subtitles above required.
If you cannot provide the official copy of the film with Italian subtitles embedded, the Festival provides an extra and paid service for Eng>Ita subtitles. In this case is required a .srt file.

Screening rights and music rights are the responsibility of the author; the participation to “Roma International Fashion Film Festival” implies that the author of the work grants all cultural and distribution rights to all non-commercial screenings. By submitting to the Festival, the author and/or the right holders grants authorization for such movie/music video to be screened by RIFFF. In the case of any other use of the work, the author will first be contacted.
By accepting these regulations, it is implied of course that the author will maintain the right over their work. Participants give the Festival consent to use stills and extracts (3 minutes max) from the movie/music video submitted for promotional purposes (social media, press, TV, etc).

By registering their work to the competition, Contestants will allow to process their personal data, pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196 / 2003 and as to per Art. 13 of the European Regulation 2016/679 -GDPR.
The participants authorize the Cultural Association "A.C.AR.I", founder of the Roma International Fashion Film Festival, or the Company chosen by said Association, to publish the images, photos and videos released during the Festival on its website, on catalogues, and/or other supports, and during public and private events, without compromising personal dignity and decorum. The participants also confirm that this Authorization does not infringe any contractual term and/or right of other representative Agencies, relieving the “A.C.AR.I” Association, or the Company chosen by said Association, from any claim by third parties. The Contestants authorize the use of the image/s and music, which is to be considered as free of charge.
The participants, pursuant to Legislative Decree196/2003 and Article 13 of the 2016/679 European Regulation - GDPR., declares to be fully informed about the purposes and methods of processing personal data and authorize to collect this material in the RIFFF Archive.

All personal data and those protected by the privacy Law are and will be processed accordingly to principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency, protecting your rights, for the purposes and with the methods described in the informative report of ROMA INTERNATIONAL FASHION FILM FESTIVAL.

The participants declare to hold the right of use and the exploitation right of the works registered to the Festival in accordanceto the Law No. 633/1941.

The Promoters reserve the right to use all the material received and the works submitted to the Judges, for the purpose to promote the social message related to the Festival. Consequently, they may be screened during promotional events or public events set by the A.C.AR.I Association, or the Company chosen by said Association.

The works sent for the preselection will not be returned, but will become part of the Archive of the RIFFF. The Association, founder of the Festival, or the Company chosen by said Association, reserves the right to use this material only for the non-profit purpose to promote the message related to the Festival. By submitting an Entry, the author and/or the right holders of the work authorize its use for the screenings during the Festival and/or film exhibitions, for the sole purpose of promotingthe event.

In the case of selected films/music videos, the participant authorizes A.C.AR.I to archive the work submitted in its own archive, and grants access to such archives, for viewing in low resolution one time per person with the suitable anti-piracy, to professionals in the cinematographic and audio/visual industry authorized by Association. The submission of the Regulation provides also grants all cultural and distribution rights of the work directly and indirectly, also among sublicensees, in the Territory indicated on the Regulation only for non-commercial use, such as promotion of the work and its author, cultural purpose, Licensees and/or sublicensees istitutional purpose, for training initiatives in educational establishments, etc.).

By submitting, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions of the following Regulation.

Overall Rating
  • RIFFF has been consistently excellent throughout the years. I am honored and thankful for having my films to be part of this industry leading festival. I adore the team and how they impeccably fuse ancient history with modern fashion. Bravo!

    December 2023