Roma Creative Contest is an International Short Film Festival organized by Image Hunters in Rome.

The Oscar winning director Giuseppe Tornatore is honorary president of the festival.

Organized entirely by a young team of under 30’s, the Festival, in a few years has promoted dozens of young italian and international directors and hosted many key exponents of the national cinema scene.

The numbers speak for themselves: over 2000 works were submitted and more than 5.000 spectators joined the various events during the last edition, that also confirmed the visibility of the Festival on the major national news channels.

The Festival promote an extensive program of workshop, conferences and meetings in collaboration with prestigious partners like Sky, Canon, American Cinemateque and Raindance Film Festival.

The ROMA CREATIVE CONTEST will consist of 4 events to be held in September and October 2019.

More than 60 short films taking part in the competition will be screened in two prestigious locations: Auditorium - Parco della Musica and MAXXI, the Rome's contemporary art gallery.

The competition is structured along three competitive sections, with prizes worth over € 50,000.

The events will pursue the creation of a fertile environment where young international artists will be able to exchange ideas, works and contacts. This will create the bases for an interactive net, promoted by Image Hunters.


International Narrative Short Films
from all over the world, completed after 1st January 2017, max 20'

Italian Narrative Short Films
only from Italy, completed after 1st January 2017, max 20'

Animated International Short Films
from all over the world, completed after 1st January 2017, max 20'

Documentary Short Films
from all over the world, completed after 1st January 2017, max 20'

Music Video
from all over the world, completed after 1st January 2017


International visibility and production bonuses for a worth of 50,000 euros!

Best International Short Film
Best Italian Short Film
Best Animated Short Film
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Music Video Clip
Best Virtual Reality Short Film

Audience Award

Best Actor/Actress (Italian Competition)
Best Sound (Italian Competition)
Best Original Music (Italian Competition)
Best Screenplay (Italian Competition)
Best Cinematography (Italian Competition)


All the submitted shorts will be viewed by the Festival Direction which will select a total of 18 / 30 short films. The selected pieces of work will be presented and screened during the first four evenings, and among them will be chosen the finalists of each category. During the closing night will be projected only the finalist shorts in the presence of the Special Professionals Jury, which is in charge of choosing the winners of each category. The “Audience Awards” will be assigned on the basis of a ballot carried out by the audience itself during the screening nights. The verdict of the Jury is unquestionable.

For the international category the copy for the first selection can be submitted according to one of the following language options: italian language, english language, original language with Italian or English subtitles.

In case the short film is chosen for the competition another copy for screening will be requested in one of the following formats:

File .mov (H264 o AppleProRes)

An upload service is available on request on our server

The selected short movies, whose availability has already been declared, cannot be withdrawn from the contest for any reason.

During the Festival all the pieces of work belonging to this category, will be screened with Italian subtitles, which will be provided by the Festival Organization itself, when not given by the authors themselves.

Pieces of work which will be considered incapable to achieve a satisfying quality level during the public projection can be rejected.

The submitted works must not contain advertising messages.

The Direction of the Festival, according to the rules established as far as copyrights are concerned, assumes that the works received are free of any right property or any right belonging to a third party. As partakers of the contests, the authors guarantee the Organization of the Festival from any legal action which might be undertaken against it by legal claimants. The artistic directors and the organizational staff are not to be considered responsible in case of dispute.

The authors are liable for the contents of their work and of the diffusion by their means of non-original copyrighted music and/or images.

The subscription and the participation to "Roma Creative Contest 2019" imply the unconditional acceptance of the present regulation in all its parts. The announcement of the competition will be constantly updated and available on

The Festival Direction can take any decision about topics not included in the current regulation. For any possible controversy is qualified the judiciary of Roma (Foro di Roma), attesting the Italian version of this regulation.

All the awards up for grabs for the three categories of the contest, the names of the Special Professionals Jury members and the selected short films will be published on