The "Rainbow Golf Driving Range & Mini Golf" was a 1990s dream come true for Dr. Manuel & Nellie Roco, site of scout outings, rentals of the whole range, and late-night hits. Decades closed, now repurposing opening in parts for outdoor film! The "Roco Ranch Film Festival" kicks off the last Wednesday of August (30th) 2023 (summer 2024 further below), 16' screen & stage to put on 1/4 acre (Mini Golf parking) fronting Old U.S. Route 99 (CA to WA), just 2 miles from Centralia Outlets (Nike, Under Armour, Pendleton, Coach, Skechers, Eddie Bower, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Centerville Western Stores- true cowboy & cowgirl attire, etc.) and Interstate 5 ('The 5'), 100 miles South of Seattle.

Two lengths, shorts (10 minutes to 50 minutes) and features (above 50 minutes) appropriate for children 0-99, with two themes, "wildlife," and "family action/adventure," (reminiscent of 1970s TV Sunday evenings), fiction or non, animated or non, premiers not required, completion needing be within three years of screening. The features winner would be invited to speak of their film (not required) with members (cast/crew, etc.) in roundtable for 15 minutes at screening, moderated by film organizer, inviting questions of audience (e.g., MOMA NYC). Trophies and laurels awarded for both features and shorts for: evening's winners, finalists, and official selections.

Of a 58% chance of precipitation for the inaugural 2023 last Wednesday of August Kickoff (August 30, 2023), two big changes. The festival will be held at the Aerie in downtown Historic Centralia (see pic of room), event beginning early evening. Second, the nature of the evening. Off nature, quality of submission, there will be in addition to the features winner, another award presented, The Robert C. Bolles Award in Film. Bolles was festival organizer John Roco's mentor at the University of Washington, his nationally recognized 1970 Classic Citation on Species Specific Defense Reactions inspiring multiple generations of students (see added doc).

The full summer "Roco Ranch Film Festival" for 2024 is described below.

Dr. Manuel Roco's provincial practice's first patient was a baby with high fever requiring 3 days of 24/7 care; he saved a life, but of the mom's inability to pay, the USA's call for "Baby Boom" generation (after WWII) surgeons greatly appealed. His future legacy in Centralia, Washington's ER was of the surgeon never inquiring of payment ability of patients prior to repair, mostly vehicular accidents, dog bites, etc. (only learned after a car hit, and an ER doctor recount in memory of Dr. Roco). And further, in Society of Philippine Surgeons of America (SPSA) missions providing free surgeries in provinces of the poor, who could not otherwise afford, many cleft-lips, etc.

1962's Seattle World's Fair Impressed Dr. Roco, 1970s settling in Lewis County, 1990s putting up an office/golf range/expresso building on 100 acres. Son, Bookkeeper/golf manager and Seattle SAG-AFTRA actor John Roco, left for a psychology Ph.D., but 2000 a car accident, meant an ABDIP (all but dissertation, internship, and practicum), and finally opening an Oahu small practice 2010, huge in recovery, only capable of full-time mental health work 21 years after the disabling accident on the road as a social worker. However, of attacks (search: "John Roco Tyranny Beat," for article originating threats:
"apologize on TV...") losing job returning to arborist work (Nellie Roco rentals 1970s-1990s), led home.

Hence, out of adversity, birth of "Roco Ranch Film Festival," repurposing harkening to 1990s "Glory Days" of decades closed, "Rainbow Farm:" doctor's office with golf driving range & pro shop, active expresso bar, putt-putt golf for scout groups and children, and wine made of Asian Pears, the most pervasive themes of RRFF covering the three third Saturdays of summer- those intertwining medical also psychological healing, and the Higher Power's part, fiction or non. Further themes echo Lewis & Clark's legacy, delve into the Pacific Northwest, and commemorate and encourage Missions of Mercy.

This 100 miles South of Seattle event in Centralia, realm of TRUE West, real cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo competitors; loggers taking down 100 ft. giants and a hunting culture of families whose ancestors came over the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon generations ago, also has become gathering place for many coalescing from all over the West, Seattle to Southern California. 30 years ago, the 100-acre venue (some say 80, of flooding) backing the Chehalis River, was purchased for Asian Pears (Sons' "planting job"), then a building fronting Ole' 99 (few miles off I-5), place for 40-foot screen for outdoor film (designed already). Begins 2024 third Saturday of June, then first and third Saturday of July and August.

The Roco Ranch Film Festival (#rrff and #RocoRanchFilmFestival on Facebook "updates" rehabbing & renovating, "Rainbow Golf Driving Range," inning a 40-ft. screen) begins third Saturday of June, month of marriage and unification for many, the day's theme referring to what we hope can occur for any joined falling on tough times: "Reconciliation." This can be between couples, families, siblings, intergenerational (that is, parents to children, or grandparents to parents or children: any combination). This can even be between neighbors, or those of distinctly different places, that come together in a way we would hope in this world.

For third Saturday in July, the theme coming a few weeks off of 4th of July (Independence Day, USA), will be appreciation of veterans. As such, any film having to do with veterans of any war, and their coping, adjustment, and reorientating to family life, home life, relationships, work, would be the primary theme. Alongside that, films where anybody, not just veterans, are in a situation needing, "Repair." There could be an accident, disease, or injury, but the drive of this theme primarily is veterans, though included could be anybody, even if not a vet being in need of repair, whether addressed or not. Could be physical, mental, even spiritual.

And for the third Saturday in August, would be films of any "Religion:" spirituality. These would be films where there could be a quest, or not, a search for a deity, or not. These would be films where one finds themself, or not. The most traditional orthodox religions, or liberal religions, all could be included for this day of films on looking at going beyond the physical existence, perhaps beyond this temporal place of earth. These films would look at how we humans of any culture, or place on earth, look at our existence afterward.

So, the three R's of "Reconciliation, Repair, and Religion," make up the pervasive themes of Roco Ranch Film Festival over the three third Saturdays of summer months, June, July, and August, beginning 2024. There will be two categories: short films minimum 10 minutes to maximum 50 minutes, and features those above 50 minutes.

For the first Saturday of July, Lewis & Clark Day commemorates the pioneers, so any film, fiction or non, dealing with hunting, fishing, camping, mountaineering, hiking, sailing or boating, can be submitted. But not only these, exploration, whether space, the oceans, or any realm pushing the limits of human knowledge in any physical environment, past, present or future can be submitted. Hence, ancient time explorations pre-dating Lewis & Clark, archaeological explorations, or scientific explorations of volcanoes such as Mt. St. Helens just hours away, or submarine explorations of wrecks or deep-sea creatures, realms of environments anywhere.

The first Saturday of August will be Pacific Northwest Day (PNW Day), any films concerning activities important to the area, or placed in the PNW. These could be past or present, fiction or non: cowboys & cowgirls, rodeo, logging, Native-Americans, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Zags, forests, farming, salmon & orcas, Sasquatch, Seahawks, economics and immigration, PNW artists, authors, music, anything weather related, etc. Though similar to Lewis & Clark Day, PNW Day catches area films important in regional identity, a broad definition extending from Oregon to Idaho, and north through British Columbia. Even politics of PNW can be included, also staple businesses and industry film & story.

Co-theming with "Religion," on the third Saturday of August, will be, "Missions of Mercy," as very related the two. Hence, individuals or peoples or organizations, etc., using their talents and abilities to serve those who cannot afford such care and services, is the theme. This could be fiction or non. This is in the spirit of Dr. Roco's first patient, a mother who could not afford the three days and nights he spent, saving the baby's life, but also the Missions of Mercy, of the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America (SPSA), free surgeries for the poor, many children's cleft-lips repaired. So, Any of this world, could be business, finance, mental or medical services, construction, etc., utilizing their abilities for those who cannot afford them, their stories need to be told.

For each of the festival days, there will be a winner of the finalists, for both shorts (10 minutes to 50 minutes) and features (above 50 minutes) with presentation at the end of the day in conclusion of the day's films. Prior to presentation to the winner, will be presentation to official selections, and finalists. Trophies and Laurels will be provided to all: official selections, finalists, and winners. A separate Student category will be included in presentation, wherein trophy & laurel will be presented to the student winner, of the two categories: short and feature. Inaugurating with 2023 off the nature and quality of submission, the newly minted "Robert C. Bolles Award in Film," will be presented.

In submitting to the Roco Ranch Film Festival, any filmmaker submitting deems they have read all of the terms, conditions and rules below, and agrees to all of them:

1. Submissions must fall into two categories length wise, either: a) shorts of: minimum 10 minutes up to 50 minutes, and b) features above 50 minutes.
2. As this is to be a family festival, with children also, no nudity and no R or X films. Even PG-13 films that are too suggestive should not be submitted, as this film festival is open to all families, all ages, and no films of content inappropriate for children will be considered.
3. Submissions do not need to be premiers.
4. Films submitted must have been completed within three years of the potential view date of the festival.
5. Not all films submitted will be viewed at the festival; just submitting a film does not mean that a film will be accepted.
6. Although filmmakers whose films will be viewed at the festival are encouraged to attend for their film's showing, attendance is not required of filmmakers whose films are accepted.
7. Travel and board will not be paid for by the festival.
8. Once a film is submitted, there can be no reversal of submission of the submitted film. Likewise, there would be no refund if a filmmaker later asked for a reversal of the submission of the already submitted film.
9. All submitted films, may not just show on that films themed day, but there also may be (in the works, we'll see!) an end of the year selection process, if the Roco Ranch Film Festival has a fall winter series as well, with potentially any submitted film, possibly being selected as a finalist, or award winner for an end of the year event where the film could be reshown, the filmmaker awarded also. Purely by submitting a film does not ensure that a film will be considered for the possible end of the year event. A film would need to have been juried, and not all films would be awarded, nor shown at either a themed day, nor an end of the year event.
10. In submitting a film to Roco Ranch Film Festival, a filmmaker agrees to, if their film is selected, to have their film included in a DVD of selected films. Not all films submitted would be included in this DVD. After processing fees of this DVD, a filmmaker would receive their proportion (proportion determined by the number of minutes the filmmaker's film was in relation to the total minutes of film time on the DVD) times 50%. What that means is that any profit from the DVD (after production costs of DVD and materials such as DVD sleave and the printed materials of DVD content, etc.) would be split equally between Roco Ranch Film Festival and filmmakers (each receiving their proportion determined by the minutes of their film in proportion to total minutes of the DVD).
11. Roco Ranch Film Festival reserves the right to, if there were issues (e.g. a predicted storm of rain on that day of the month the film were to show, some other issue whether technical, environmental, etc.), hold the event at a different venue.
12. If there were an issue (e.g., what happened during Covid lockdown) where for some reason unpredictable circumstances interfered, then Roco Ranch Film Festival cannot be held liable in trying best carry out the festival in ways determined possible in any unforeseen circumstances.
13. Any filmmaker in submitting attest they have full rights, and all consents necessary for Roco Ranch Film Festival to show the film. Not all submitted films will be shown.
14. All films must be submitted through FilmFreeway.
15. If a film is selected, then the filmmaker agrees that Roco Ranch Film Festival has permission to advertise the film festival using any materials provided to Roco Ranch Film Festival in jurying the film. This could be clips of the film, materials or photos on the film or cast or crew, stories or news articles on the film, etc. The filmmaker agrees to allow Roco Ranch Film Festival to utilize such materials, any and all of such, in speaking to media of the film festival and any film selected.
16. If a film is selected, then the filmmaker agrees to provide Roco Ranch Film Festival 25 posters of the film to advertise the film and the Roco Ranch Film Festival in the community, and beyond.
17. If a film is selected, then the filmmaker agrees to provide the 25 posters of the film, and also a pen drive with the film in both MOV and MP4 formats, as well as a DVD of the film not closer than 2 weeks prior to the screening.
18. If a film is selected as a feature winner, and the filmmaker cannot attend the screening, the filmmaker agrees to provide to Roco Ranch Film Festival, in addition to the items of rule #17, a recording of themselves and members invited, too (cast/crew, etc.; members not required) in either MOV or MPR format, accepting the award from Roco Ranch Film Festival, and speaking some in a way appropriate to a family environment, of the process of making the film, this recording lasting between 3 and 8 minutes. Roco Ranch Film Festival reserves the right to invite any filmmaker with members (cast/crew, etc.) seen as appropriate, to speak of their film, whether in person or recording, other than the feature winner.
19. Roco Ranch Film Festival cannot guarantee return of any submitted material.
20. Filmmakers submitting attest they have read all of these rules, conditions, and terms upon submission. Submission fees are nonrefundable.
21. Filmmakers need not select among any of the themed day in submitting to the festival. Many films may have themes from more than one of the days, and Roco Ranch Film Festival would be able to select which day under which theme a selection would best fit in.
22. Roco Ranch Film Festival reserves the right to select the specific day a selected film would best fit in.
23. Roco Ranch Film Festival reserves the right to, if content off submissions justifies as well as logistics, extend any of the themed days, longer, meaning to extend to the prior day(s) of any of the themed days, or to the following day(s), or both. Such would initially be 'content driven,' meaning the films wont of being shown, could not fit in just one day, with logistical considerations if to do.
24. As the organizer of Roco Ranch Film Festival has had prior involvement with various churches, and various hierarchies, also elected public leaders, public servants, veterans' and U.S. armed forces groups too, Roco Ranch Film Festival reserves the right to invite leaders of such organizations to present awards at Roco Ranch Film Festival.
25. Roco Ranch Film Festival also reserves the right to have peoples inherently integral to the film festivals existence, whether Roco Ranch, the film festival itself, or even peoples substantial to the theme of the day, to present awards. Also, Roco Ranch Film Festival reserves the right to come up with further categories of which awards can be presented off analyses of submitted films. Just by submitting a film does not mean the film will receive an award, nor be shown.
26. Films claiming 'student,' or 'local PNW,' status but not following guidelines under fees description and rules of "student," or, "local PNW," can be disqualified, no refund.
27. A student does not need to be currently enrolled, but only need to have been a student for the making of the submitted film.
28. Roco Ranch Film Festival reserves the right to provide more awards than those listed, in response to submissions, the content of films submitted, those which appear worthy of an award as juried.
29. Any non-English films need to be subtitled in English. if subtitled most be a narrative able to follow easily if in another language by children of the filming itself, as not always would there be an adult parent readily available to read subtitles to sometimes their many children.
30. Submission is open to films from all over the world.