*** Se você deseja inscrever um trabalho brasileiro, vá direto em www.riowebfest.net***

RIOWF takes place in November in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro. We have festival partners from all around the globe, including Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Marseille, Bilbao, Buenos Aires, Sicily, Rome, Melbourne, Berlin, Seoul!

Join the webfest celebration in Rio de Janeiro and get together for some caipirinhas and coconut water at our beautiful beaches!

Some of our main attractions:
- SUPER PROJECT: meeting and pitching sessions with international producers.
- SILVER TICKETS: Direct official selection to other web fest partners of the Web Fest International Circuit.
- GOLDEN TICKET: Direct official selection to other web fest partners (including plane ticket and accommodation paid).
- BUSINESS ROUNDS with representatives of Brazil's TV Channel such as Canal Curta!.
- KEYNOTES from university professors about the web video in Brazil and abroad.
- PANELS with creators from Brazil and abroad.
- SCREENING SESSIONS of web series.
- CLOSED PARTIES and special events for festival participants only.
- RED CARPET and AWARDS SHOW broadcasted online.

Let us help you share your work with the world!

Best Brazilian Series - R$ 1.500,00
Best International Series - R$ 1.500,00
Popular Vote - R$ 1.000,00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My web series already participated in last year's festival. Can I join again?
Yes, because every year we will have a different jury.

My web series has only one chapter or has not been filmed yet. Can I participate?
The minimum number for a product to be considered a web series is two episodes. They have to be ready at the time of registration. If you have a project, you can't participate as a web series, but you can submit for the SUPER PROJECT.

Is there a duration limit on the episodes submitted?
No, there are no duration limit for your submitted show. However, if it gets in the official selection and you want it to be screened at the festival, you need to send us a video with the maximum duration of 10 minutes.

How does the official selection process and awards of the festival works?
The festival staff reviews the submissions, watch the uploaded videos and selects the nominees for each category. The official selection list will be posted on our website and social media. During the event, our national and international jury will select the winners for each award. You can submit on this website your webseries, trailer, web ad, music or dance video or via FilmFreeway.

I read in the regulations that English subtitles are mandatory, even for English speaking shows. How does it work?
As the festival staff is bilingual, there is no need to subtitle the submitted episodes in English to participate in the official selection. However, if your web series is nominated for an award, you must send copies with English subtitles so the international jury can evaluate your work, even if it is spoken in the English language.

I do not have a webseries. Can I come to the festival to watch the screenings and make contacts?
Of course you can! Our festival will be held in Cidade das Artes (City of Arts), a gigantic complex near the beautiful beaches of Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The festival attractions, except the opening and awards ceremonies, are free so everyone can participate. The venue is safe, it has a paid parking lot and is right next to the Alvorada bus terminal, with easy access via bus or BRT.

What is trailer and web ad categories?
This year, we opened the trailer and web advertising categories. If you do not wish to submit with your whole series or if it is not ready yet, you can compete only with the trailer and pay less on the submission fee. Web ads are for advertising videos made especially for the internet. We believe that the web requires a different language from conventional TV and the commercials made to be watched mainly through digital platforms like facebook and youtube need recognition!

What is the minimum age to participate?
The event has a minimum rating of 14 years age to participate. Minors can go with their parents.

What is the SUPER PROJECT?
Please head out to www.riowebfest.net to find out more about this other types of submission.

Best Comedy Series
Best Writing (Comedy)
Best Directing (Comedy)
Best Female Performance in a Comedy
Best Male Performance in a Comedy
Best Ensemble Performance (Comedy)

Best Dramatic Series
Best Writing (Drama)
Best Directing (Drama)
Best Female Performance in a Drama
Best Male Performance in a Drama
Best Ensemble Performance (Drama)

Best Action Series
Best Writing (Action)
Best Directing (Action)
Best Female Performance in an Action Series
Best Male Performance in an Action Series
Best Ensemble Performance (Action)

Best Documentary Series
Best Variety Series
Best Educational Series
Best Directing (Non-Fiction)
Best Writing (Non-Fiction)
Best Performance (Non-Fiction)
Best Lifestyle

Best Musical Series
Best Trailer
Best Web Advertisement
Best Stories
Best Vlogger
Best Diversity Series
Best Music Video
Best Dance Video
Best Performance Video
Best Original Idea
Incentive to Brazilian Digital Production
RioWF Internacional Circuit

Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Costume Design
Best Production Design
Best Makeup
Best Soundtrack
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound Design
Best Production
Best Videographics

Best Infantile-Juvenile Series
Best Infantile-Juvenile Performance

Best Animated Series

Best Podcast
Best Cast (Podcast)
Best Actual Play Video
Best Standalone Audio Fiction
Best Directing (Podcast)
Best Performance (Podcast)

Best Brazilian Series
Best International Series
Popular Vote

Meeting Sessions with international TV and VOD producers (find out more at www.riowebfest.net).

Direct Selection to Melbourne Web Fest (Australia)
Direct Selection to Los Angeles Web Fest (USA)
Direct Selection to Seoul Web Fest (South Korea)
Direct Selection to Webfest Berlin (Germany)
Direct Selection to Sicily Webfest (Italy)
Direct Selection to Digital Media Fest (Spain)
Direct Selection to Die Seriale (Germany)

Direct Selection to Marseille Web Fest with free flight ticket and accommodation (Brazilian Series Only)
Direct Selection to QueerX with free flight ticket and accommodation (LGBTQ+ Brazilian Series Only)
Direct Selection to Bilbao Seriesland with free flight ticket and accommodation (Brazilian Series Only)

We are looking for all kinds of audiovisual content for the web.

To be able to compete, a web series, vlog or podcast must have at least two episodes released or ready to be viewed by festival selectors by the time of the submission deadline. There is no duration limit for each episode in the submission and web series that participated in our past editions can also participate this year, since we have a different jury every year.

Creators are welcome to submit as many web series as they want, but each one requires one submission fee.

Any non-English or non-Brazilian Portuguese language web series must have subtitles in English and/or in Brazilian Portuguese available by the time of the submission. If your series is officially selected, YOU MUST PROVIDE English subtitles for the screening copies.

Although there is no duration limit for submitting, the screening time limit for each selected web series is 10 minutes (including credits). You are allowed to either send an shorter episode with a total running time of no more than 10 minutes or and edited reel of two or three episodes, if your chapters are really short.

Music Videos and Dance Videos are also welcome in our festival.

Selected entries are required to provide a high resolution copy of the screening episode(s) encoded in .mp4 or .mov files in 1080p, h264, max 20mbps bitrate, NTSC or PAL. Please double check your screening files before sending.

Regulations and Procedures
1. Rio Web Fest will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on mid November.
2. Submission Deadlines: Submissions are open from February 1st until no later than September 1st. Official selections will be announced in September 30th.
3. Submission Format: For Web Series, a minimum of 2 episodes must be submitted online. For Trailers, Web ads, Music and Dance Videos, just the link for the video will be enough. You can submit on our website your series, trailer, web ad, music or dance video or via FilmFreeway.
4. Submission Eligibility: All projects produced anytime and anywhere in the world with a two episodes minimum for series or one video for the rest are eligible for submission. Web series that participated in our earlier editions are still eligible, since we have different jury every year.
5. Submission Fee: All FilmFreeway submissions for Rio Web Fest must be paid by credit card. The submission fee is non-refundable.
6. Selection of Web Series: Submissions are reviewed and selected under the following criteria: quality of narrative and production, acting, originality, cinematography, sound and other technical categories. Official selections will be informed by email. Nominees should send digital files for screening encoded in .mp4 or .mov files in 1080p, h264, max 10mbps bitrate, NTSC or PAL.
7. Official selections MUST PROVIDE English subtitles for the screening copies, regardless of the original language of your show.
8. Screenings are scheduled during the festival under the criterion of Rio Webfest. Whilst every effort will be made to fulfil the published schedule, we reserve the right to make changes at any time for any reason and we'll not be liable for any costs claimed as a result of a change in scheduling.
9. Filmmakers can submit as many web series as they want.
10. The festival is sovereign in its decisions regarding the distribution of prizes, trophies and laurels and is free to modify them if necessary, for reasons of "force majeure", keeping that resolution always as a last resort, to be used only if all the alternatives are exhausted.
11. Silver Tickets (direct selection for partner festivals) and Golden Tickets (free flight and hotel for partner festivals) are a courtesy exchanged between festivals and, therefore, are the responsibility of the partner festival and not of the Rio Webfest organization. Our team will give the winners' contact details to the partner festival, which will ask for the necessary travel documents (such as passport, tourist visa, etc.). The winners, in turn, have the responsibility to issue these documents, bear the costs not covered inside and outside Brazil (such as food and transfers), and to meet the demands of partner festivals in a timely manner to purchase their flight ticket and accommodation (at least 90 days before the partner festival dates). We cannot be held responsible if a partner festival ceases to exist or cancels the prize on your behalf for any reason.
12. All submitters declare themselves as responsible for the rights of all contents of their episodes in the act of submission. For example, soundtrack, logo and images. In case of the true rights holder inquires about the unauthorised use of his creation, the festival will not be responsible for it.
13. The creator is also responsible for well functioning of the episode links sent to curators during the entire submission period, from the submission date until the official selection.
14. During the awards show, the winner trophies will be given to anyone representing the series, all exceptions must be specifically asked in writing before the festival starts. If you are not present at the awards show, we can still send your trophy by mail afterwards, as long as you can cover the shipping costs.
15. Payment of the submission fee and filling out the submission form does not mean that your web series will be automatically nominated for an award or that you'll be eligible for the pitching sessions. The festival will preselect the series for the awards nominations and preselect projects to participate in the pitching sessions.
16. All CASH PRIZES will be paid only via Paypal account transfer up till one month after the awards show is over. Paypal taxes and fees are also responsibility of the prize winner.
17. If you plan on attending personally to the festival, please note that Brazil requires a TOURIST VISA for citizens of specific countries. Please check out if your country is on the list and how to require your visa at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Brazil#Tourist_visa.
18. Please arrive early to ensure your ticket purchase because all spaces are subject to stocking.
19. By submitting to RIOWF, you hereby agree to the use your image and small excerpts of your work to promote the festival in trailers, teasers and live coverage of the festival on live streaming and social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and regular television.

Please follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for latest info.

Overall Rating
  • Edouard Blondeau

    A great festival in a great place that we can follow from the other side of the earth. The panels and the discussion between the nominees were very interesting. I wish I had been there.

    December 2022
  • Peter Ireland

    Wonderful communications for filmmakers and great energy for the whole festival. Highly recommended

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Peter, thank you so much for your review. Romp is an amazing show, we really appreciate you taking the time and effort to submit to Rio. We definately hope to see more from you in the future. Cheers!

  • Magalie De Genova

    Amazing festival! I hope to visit in person in the future!

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Magalie, thank you for your review! WEIRDOS is incredible, such an amazing achievement. Grats on the wins and hope to see more from you in the future 🙏❤️

  • Noemie Michiels

    Great Festival. Didn't get to go in person, but great communication!

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Noemie, thanks for your kind words. We love your show Welcome to Soulshine (we are fans ever since About Sex ❤️) and hope to see more from you in our future editions. Much love from Rio 🙏❤️

  • David Fernandes

    Didn’t get to go in person, but enjoyed it from afar. Communication was outstanding!

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear David, Creepy bits is amazing! Thank you so much for submitting and hope to see more from you in the near future. Much love from Rio 🙏❤️