Founded in 2017, the Rhode Island Black Film Festival (RIBFF) is the only film festival in the Rhode Island . The Festival traditionally combines a range of premieres, international competitions, compelling documentaries, new digital media work,
RIBFF is currently moving forward with planning its Festival for April 2021 as a hybrid in-person and online event, in accordance with all active health and safety recommendations from local, state, and federal officials. Exact dates, venue footprint, and in-person event structure are all subject to change based on the realities of producing a safe and accessible film festival at that tim For the last two years the Rhode Island Black Film Festival has developed an amazing build community of attendees, sponsors and filmmakers who every year celebrate the works of filmmakers of color. Living in the now, RIBFF film festival are taking their programs online online in June and a two day event September 19-20.
EMPOWERMENT: The Rhode Island Black Film Festival #RIBFF The Rhode Island Black Film Festival is the first of its kind in the Ocean State. Our theme this year is Empowerment. The Empowerment of women in front of and behind the camera, in business and the workplace. Featuring a line up of features short films and documentaries, addressing social justice issues through the filmmakers’ lens.

The Rhode Island Black Film Festival gives a voice to diverse cultures. We welcome the Black, Afro-Caribbean and Latin both local and worldwide. With a varied lineup of narrative, documentary, feature and films. The Rhode Island Black Film Festival features emerging film makers, actors and film industry insiders sharing their passion for the artistry of cinema. The Rhode Island Black Film Festival where social justice and cinema take a seat.

By entering the Rhode Island Black Film Festival you agree to follow its rules and guidelines. Eligibility requirements are final. There are no exceptions.

We consider films in any language, from anywhere in the world. If your film is not in English, make sure it has English subtitles where necessary.

We consider films regardless of their premiere status. Even if your film premiered at another festival, it’s still eligible.

Only features that don’t have distribution are eligible for RIBFF. Entrants must notify the festival at once if their distribution status changes.

There’s no distribution rule for Short Films. All Short Films, including those released online, are eligible.

We don’t provide waivers to any filmmakers. This is how we ensure an equal playing field and stay fair to all who submit to our festival.

If accepted, entrants are responsible for delivering their exhibition copy and other materials, such as: trailer, screener link, press stills, and press-kit, by deadline.

If accepted, filmmakers are required to do their best to attend the festival.

We are unable to update screeners once they are already in our system. We encourage filmmakers to submit their work as early as possible.
Submissions are accepted until 11:59 PM EST on the deadline date.

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