RPM Fest 2022 was co-hosted by UMass-Boston, Harvard University (CAMLab) and the Brattle Theatre (Cambridge) from Oct. 17 to Oct.23, 2022.

Revolutions per Minute festival (RPM Fest) is dedicated to short-form poetic, personal, experimental film, essay film, animation, documentary, video and audiovisual performance.

We are looking for any work that experiments with the formal possibilities or hybrid form of film, audiovisual, animation and video under 10 minutes ( and the medium length and essay film categories will accept the work from 10 mins to 30 mins) .

Submit your work (produced after July 1st, 2021) through FilmFreeway.
Selections by Sept. 1st, 2023.

Due to the number of submissions, RPM Fest regrets that we can only notify applicants whose work is selected for the program.

RPM Fest 2023 will take place at UMass-Boston and other Boston venues in October 2023.

We are a non-competitive festival and do not offer awards or prizes.
We pay honorarium for solo artist program and a small amount of screening fee.

Alumni may ask for the submission discount code.
As for the submission discount/waiver code, we offer it to filmmakers who may be facing financial difficulties and are unable to pay the submission fee.

* Artists are required to fill out a completed application form via FilmFreeway.
* Work should be produced after July 1st, 2021.

*Due to the number of submissions, RPM Fest regrets that we can only notify applicants whose work is selected for the program.

*Screening Format:
*Accepted screening formats are Apple ProRes HQ422, 16mm, VR, Expanded Cinema and Installation. * NO DCP or 35mm.

* The festival only accepts online submission via Filmfreeway embedded Screener (Film links may be private). Please don't email us your film links.

* All work submitted must be fully completed as works in progress will not be considered (release date after July 1st, 2021, the older work won't be considered).

* Productions must be independently produced, with the maker retaining complete editorial control and copyright.

* Submission of an entry indicates acceptance of all regulations, guarantee that a screening copy in the format specified will be made available for the dates of the event, and authorization to publicly exhibit the work at Revolutions per Minute festival.

Please Note:

*The festival does not provide transportation or lodging accommodations

* If screening copy is to be provided by a distributor or agent then entry must be submitted by that distributor/agent, along with any criteria or conditions. (Please don't ask us to rent the work from the distributors.)

File/Film Transportation:
*The party responsible for sending film materials bears the cost of transporting selected films.

The festival incurs the cost of the films return. If sent via mail, the sender must provide the festival with necessary information regarding its return (date needed by/address/phone number).

*International parcels should be marked ‘For Cultural Purposes Only/No Commercial Value'. The copy will be returned within three weeks after festival completion.

Overall Rating
  • Francesca Svampa

    Great selection and communication! I hope to be in person next time!

    November 2022
  • Zachary Finkelstein

    Thank you to Wenhua S** and everyone at RPM Festival for including my film in their programming this year!
    It was an honor to be included with so many great filmmakers.

    October 2022
  • Josh Drake

    Very proud to be included in RPM for 2021. Their programming was awesome and communication was exceptional. Thanks to the organizers!

    November 2021
  • Khalil Charif

    Professional and very committed to artistic making. Many thanks to the organizers and the team. Congratulations to all of you.

    November 2021
  • Brittany Gravely

    The festival seems to get stronger with every year with a lot of filmmakers present. Nice to have an experimental film festival in Boston!

    November 2021