We are looking for great stories about religions, today!

Born in 1997 as the first Italian festival of spiritual cinema and inter-religious dialogue, in 2024 it will celebrate its 27th anniversary, an important and demanding goal that leads us to look behind us, to measure our path. The Religion Today Film Festival has come a long way, and today this appointment with religious cinema is well known and
appreciated all over the world, it has many admirers and friends, and it makes films travel but above all people and ideas. Religion Today allows us to consolidate that image of Trentino as a land that has linked its fate to one of the most significant events in the spiritual history of the West - the Council of Trent - but which has been able to renew itself from those foundations with creativity, commitment and tenacity becoming a land of welcome, inter-religious dialogue, solidarity and peace. 27 years ago, the themes of migration and multiculturalism, now part of the fabric of an increasingly interconnected global community, were already in the air, even if they had not yet achieved the attention they deserve. In a world profoundly troubled by a global pandemic that has sown death and disease, these issues are as topical as ever and impose the need to fight the virus of selfishness and fear. Injecting into today's society robust antibodies capable of fighting the germs of racism, radicalism, and extremism that threaten our community from within, that foment hatred rather than promote dialogue. Religion Today is even more current, necessary to give space to ideas and all religions, filtering them through the art of cinema and its great protagonists, narrators of our time.

Religion Today is an international and itinerant film festival dedicated to religious diversity for a culture of peace and interfaith dialogue. It promotes a journey “exploring the differences”, both in religious practices and beliefs and in cinematic styles and languages, towards a mutual enrichment through reciprocal knowledge and comparison.

Together with the world cinema competition, open to any film with a religious connection, it offers a platform for exchanging ideas and viewpoints, including a “living workshop” involving filmmakers of different faiths and nationalities.

The 27th edition of the Festival will take place in September 2024 in Trento and will include the followings sections:
> International competition;
> Thematic sessions for special awards.
The films admitted to the International competition will be judged by an Inter-religious Jury of experts that will award the Religion Today "In the Spirit of Faith" in addition to the prizes for each film category, the directors of nominated films will be our guests in Trento.
From among all the nominations the SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) Jury will award their prize. The films admitted to the Thematic sessions will compete for the special awards which will be conferred by Italian technical juries.

Entry fees are: Feature film 12€ - Short 4€ - Documentary 8€ - Short Doc 4€
Students DO NOT pay any entry fee.
Only films produced during 2022, 2023 and 2024 will be admitted.
Films will be accepted in the following areas:
> The religious dimension and the younger generations today
> Inter-religious relations and dialogue
> Religions, women's condition and gender issues
> Religions, human rights and peacemaking
> Stories of migration: identity, dialogue and conflict in plural societies

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To enter the contest you must send by e-mail, postal services or private courier to the following address:

Religion Today Film Festival
Via Santa Croce, 63
38122 Trento - Italia
email: segreteria@religionfilm.com

> a downloadable file: should the work be in a different language from Italian, you are requested to send it with English subtitles and another one with Italian subtitles or without any subtitles;
> 4 jpeg images from the film (poster, stills, backstage images...);
> A trailer of the film lasting a maximum of 3' would be appreciated.

Overall Rating
  • Luigi Pane

    A special thanks to this beautiful festival which selected me and magnificently hosted me with my first feature, Un Mondo in Più.
    An event that brings together cinema and community, integration and art, spirit and feeling, all located in the magnificent city of Trento and its magical mountains.
    I hope to come back soon.

    September 2023
  • thank you very much for this joyful experience

    September 2023
  • Guesnerth Josue Perea

    The Religion Today Film Festival is a unique and important event that celebrates the intersection of religion and film in a religiously important city of Trento. The festival showcases films from all over the world that explore a wide range of religious and spiritual themes. I had the pleasure of attending the Religion Today Film Festival for the first time this year, and I was blown away by the quality of the films and the overall experience. The festival is well-organized and well-run, and the staff and volunteers are all friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the Religion Today Film Festival to anyone who is interested in exploring the intersection of religion and film. It is a truly unique and rewarding experience and exploring the city of Trento was magical. Thank you so much for selecting our film "Faith in Blackness" to screen at the festival!

    September 2023
  • Selam Salar Çakay

    İ hope next time i will again

    September 2022
  • Daniele Giuseppe De stefano

    Un festival che fa dell'accoglienza, l'incontro e il confronto il suo punto di forza.
    Lo Staff organizzativo è molto cordiale e preparato e ha comunicato in maniera eccellente sin dal primo momento.
    Grazie al direttore Andrea Morghen e Kosovare per la cura riservata a tutt@ gli ospiti.
    E' bello sapere che un festival sulle religioni abbia un approccio così aperto e interessato.

    September 2022