The Reel Love Film Festival presents a celebration of love-themed short films, returning this year to Diablo Valley College.

Seize the opportunity to have your film displayed before an audience of emerging filmmakers, followed by a Q&A session after the screening.

Awards will be given to Judges Choice for the following categories:

* Best Performance in a Comedy
* Best Performance in a Drama
* Best Director
* Best Writing
* Best Editing
* Best Sound Design
* Best Cinematography
* Most Romantic Film
* Best in Festival

In addition, there will be an Audience's Choice Award, which is voted by the popular vote at the screening.

Winners will be presented with a digital laurel.
Other prizes may be added upon donations.

1) Duration Limit: Films submitted should not exceed 15 minutes. (That includes credits)

2) Genre Diversity: "Love" themed. This could be romantic love, family love, friendship, self-love, or any other form of love.

3) Selection Process: Submission of a film does not automatically ensure its acceptance into the festival. Filmmakers will be informed of their submission status by Sunday, December 3rd.

4) Content Guidelines: All submissions must be appropriate for a general audience. Please refrain from including extreme gore or explicit sexual content.

5) Submission Fee: A submission fee of $10 is allocated toward funding the awards.

6) Eligibility for Student Entries: To qualify as a student submission, the film must have been created during the filmmaker’s enrollment in either a high school or college. Films do not need to be part of a school assignment. Graduates are eligible, provided the film was made during their student years.

7) Multiple Submissions: Filmmakers may submit multiple projects. However, only one film per director will be selected for screening. Films may have overlapping producers, cast, or crew members.

8) No Refunds: Please note that submission fees are non-refundable.

9) Judging and Awards: Our panel of judges will pre-select the winners for each category before the event. The Audience Choice Award will be an exception, as votes from festival attendees will determine it.

10) Language and Subtitles: If the film is not in English, it should be subtitled in English. This is important for ensuring accessibility and understanding among a diverse audience.

11) Filmmaker Attendance: If possible, encourage filmmakers to attend the festival for networking and Q&A sessions. This enhances the festival experience for both the audience and the filmmakers.