NOTE: The Reel Deal Film Festival is moving Venues and Dates! Please accept our sincerest apologies as we have worked around illness this year and the Festival is delayed due to this. We appreciate your patience. SMore details to come shortly.

Artists of today, and blockbuster directors of tomorrow - we want your shorts and features... Whether you shot on a smartphone for a couple hundred bucks, or you mortgaged something to make your movie - we want to see it. We also make it affordable to send your work. The Reel Deal FiIm Festival screens quality artistic, personal and relevant independent film. We aren't focused on your labels, because we are focused on your work, which must always stand alone. Everyone is welcome, everyone is included, because at this festival...

The Film is the thing.

Dramas, Comedies, Faith-Based and Documentary, screen alongside PSA's and new media. Let's show the audience how traditional cinema carries on and how people use moving images in new ways today - amidst traditional fare, we celebrate Tik Toks, PSAs, & the Sports Edit phenom used by kids today to get noticed by NCAA scouts.

Exhibiting filmmakers receive regular screening All Passes in their welcome kits and four days on a Florida Beach in the Fall in the foodiest of foodie towns. The Marriott Springhill Suites is our official hotel and oceanfront nucleus, and attendees can enjoy special deals we have set up for you...call up our sponsor Beachfront Bellhop for umbrellas and chairs, and maybe even stay a little longer? Hire a Captain and a rig, kayak the Indian River alongside the manatees, sunbathe and order a pizza delivered to your chair in the sand, go on a guided foodie's delight, or commune with the marine birds and dolphins from the shore or on a cruise. Try a surf lesson, or have a sandwich at the oldest lunch counter in Florida, while philosophizing with a friend, or laughing with a stranger.

This festival represents the evolution of a great American art form with some cake by the ocean. But it is also a statement. Help us throw a stake in the ground toward our need to share art, together, outside of our homes. Help us prove that new media doesn't always signal all out destruction of the old. And do this in Volusia County's New Smyrna Beach - where the arts and festivals and foodieness are part of who we are, why we gather, and what we value. We are filled with community builders and art patrons. We want your films, your ideas and their unique expressions.

The Reel Deal Film Festival supports film MAKERS and film RECIEVERS because...
The Film is the Thing...

2021's Premiere welcomed almost 400 people to the Brannon Center - and 2023's Is an expected sell out as well. Got a Premiere? How does a 400 person event in your honor sound hosted by a compelling and energetic local media personality in a coastal town where art is treasured? Let us know when you submit if it is a world, US, or Southeast premiere candidate.

------ The Directors of Reel Deal Film Festival

Festival March 2024


SUBMITTERS NOTE: YOU MUST INCLUDE A DOWNLOAD OPTION on your FilmFreeway submission file. We understand we transfer, and other apps make it possible to download your film if selected, but the labor intensiveness of chasing varied fomats for screeners is an enormous time drain on festival organizers. We are using FilmFreeway exclusively and strive to streamline the process. Labor resources are tight with non profits and we appreciate you helping us by unifying this step.

Festival Director's Best of Festival
Voice of the Voiceless Award
The Earth and its Creatures Award
Emerging Filmmaker award
Screenwriter of the Year
Cinematography Award
6-12th Grade Student Filmmaker of the Year
Most Creative Title credit award
Audience Award for Each Genre by live ballot
Film School Stand Out Award

For Each Category:
Audience Award

The festival reserves the right to omit an award if for some reason there is not a qualified candidate.

Prize decisions are final and at the sole discretion of festival director.
Festival director reserves right to re-categorize any entry.
Authorship of films submitted will be credited in literature to the film's Director, regardless of which member of the Producing Team submitted or whom is the contact.
Authorship of Documentaries is the Producer, in keeping with industry standards; owners holding other roles ont he film shoudl add themselves to Producer credits to reflect ownership.
Standard Releases rights and actor/subject likenesses are implied by admission and become an operative part of your submission.
Filmmakers Middle School (6th +) aged and older are eligible.
All screenings will be rated. Parents be aware that E is an indication that "Everyone," of all ages is suited. If you don't see it assume PG 13. Mature Audience will be denoted asnd assume 16+
No exceptions will be made to 16 and over or 13 and older even if accompanied by a parent with parent permission.
If selected for opening night premiere, your acceptance is your agreement that film selected for premier may not be shown in any version Volusia County for 8 months following opening night. This excludes commercial exhibition contract with a distribution company.
SUBMITTERS NOTE: YOU MUST INCLUDE A DOWNLOAD OPTION on your FilmFreeway submission file AT THE TIEM OF SUBMISSION. We understand DROPBOX, we transfer, and other apps make it possible to download your film if selected, but we are using FilmFreeway and strive to streamline the process for our all volunteer festival operations team members. Labor resources are tight with non profits and we appreciate you helping us by unifying this step. Yoy can imagine the logistical nightmare of 100 films coming on various platforms. FilmFreeway's downloadable option doesnt in any way affect your copyright protections, If you don't trust us with the download of your film on your FilmFreeway, please don't submit to our festival.


The Festival assumes by your submission, that you have the legal right to submit the artisitic work. It is an intellectual property crime to submit creative material you don't own, including music for which you have not cleared necessary useage rights; and your submission is your confirmation that in submitting you have obtained written legal permission to submit copyrighted material from its copyright owner, and that if you present that falsely, you are solely liable for any loss to the rightful owner of the copyright. You agree to hold the Festival harmless by submitting. The Festival, as with many festivals, cannot realistically take responsibility for filmmakers submitting under untruthful or illegal pretenses.

Thank you in advance for understanding and respecting intellectual property.