Redfish Film Fest is a documentary-only festival in Historic Downtown Panama City, Florida. Our goal is to be the premier event of its kind in the Southeast U.S. The inaugural Redfish will be in Spring 2024.

Our flagship venue will be the Panama City Center for the Arts, in the heart of Historic Downtown Panama City. However, we will have several other venues in buildings throughout downtown, as well as smaller locations for after parties and meet-the-artist events.

We will likely not have awards and prizes for the first Redfish. We want to encourage diverse entrants and celebrate documentaries as an artform. We may do awards after the first year.

1) Your film must be a documentary.

2) We have simple categories:
- Documentary Shorts: Under 15 minutes
- Documentary Mid-Features: Up to 30 minutes
- Documentary Features: Over 30 minutes

3) We prefer your work to have been done in the last two years, but it is not a deal breaker. We'll decide case by case.

4) By submitting, you agree to let Redfish promote your film through our marketing and communications. You must provide any cover art or other promotional media for us to use. By submitting, you agree to waive any licensing fees unless otherwise agreed to by Redfish management.