When you get there, there is no there, there
Born in Lang Son, Vietnam, Red’s practice focuses on the multidisciplinary approaches which addresses the shifting boundaries between different forms of art, fiction and documentary, life and death, human and animal, living beings and spirits...Her video works engage with dreams, personal landscape and self-reflection. Red’s works were featured at Seashort Film Festival, Fundacion-PROA, White Chapell Gallery (nominated by Hanoi DocLab for the Artist Films International 2019), Arkipel International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Fifth Wall Fest, Mikino Film Festival, Sàn Art, Teater Garasi’s program...She’s now working on her video-performance The Tangerine Womb in her hometown Lang Son, which is part of the Terasia project (a theater project about death, life and belief, initiated by Japanese artists and joined by Indonesian, Malaysian, Thailand and Vietnam artists)
Since 2020, together with choreographer Ngo Thanh Phuong, she co-directed MORUA, an active member of the Southeast Asia Choreographer Network, a dance collective and artist-in-residency program aiming to encourage the next-generation of performing/ performance/ interdisciplinary dance practitioners to research and exchange their methods of body-and-movements, to broaden the dialogue about dance in Vietnam. Alongside with MORUA, she’s working as producer of H2Q Art - an emerging independent dance company based in Vietnam, focusing on creating international co-production performances. One of the biggest step for Red to dive into the dance producing world was her participation in Asia Connection: Producer’s Camp 2021, under the mentorship of Farooq Chaudhry (director producer of Akram Khan Dance Company), organized by Taiwan’s National Theater & Concert Hall. Her project Vinabiennale, an interdisciplinary performance (Vietnam-Taiwan co-production) was then funded by and will have its work-in-progress premiere in 9/2023 at Taiwan’s National Theater & Concert Hall. In August 2022, Red was invited to join the Partnership Development Programme in the UK to visit Edinburgh International Festival and meet up with potential partners, funded by the British Council.
Red was a Prince Claus Seed 2022 Recipient.
Honorable mention
It will be a disconcerted day in a moonless starless night
Fifth Wall Fest
Top 5 best films
water dreams
Quest x Doclab Short Film Competition
Ha Noi
When you get there, there is no there, there
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