Red Finch Film Festival is located 30 minutes from Robert Redford's Sundance Ski Resort in the same building as Audio West (premier recording studio and concert venue) Center Stage Dance (one the best Dance studios in the USA) and Hale Center Theater (Esteemed regional theater company)

Our festival tries to connect filmmakers with each other and give recognition for good work done. We believe film is in an exciting space so we celebrate new modes of disruption and forms such as volgs, youtubers, and other streaming content.

Jurys awards will be given in all categories in the festival.

Jurors are as follows

Documentary- Brad Barber- Co-Director of the SXSW best documentary feature film Peace Officer which was later broadcast nationally on PBS Independent Lens series. He has an MFA from Univesity of Souther California and is a professor the Film department at Brigham Young University.

Music Video- Director of Audio West (

Dance- Kim Delgrosso- Artistic Director of Center Stage Dance (

Narrative- Jeremy Coon is the producer of the hit films Napoleon Dynamite, Sasquatch Gang, Raiders!: The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made.

LDS/Christian Film- Authur Van Wagenen- Product Director at EXCEL Entertainment /Deseret Book. Has been behind the distribution of many successful LDS/Christen Films including Let it Go which was the 4th best selling christen film of 2016.

Photography- TBD (

Overall Rating
  • Andres Paredes

    Thank you so much for consideration and subsequent award on our music video YOUR ONLY FRIEND IN TOWN.
    Having participated in the Film Festival this year, it was really quite a daunting and intimidating experience, and so we thank you for reviewing our work.
    It encourages us to keep producing more high quality videos.
    Thank you!

    October 2021
  • Anne Verheij

    At first I was excited to receive the selected email via FilmFreeway, but then I never heard from them again. There was no response to any of my emails. There is still no functioning website. No contact details other then the one email address on their social media to which no one replies. I was very disappointed and till this day wonder if it was a scam.

    February 2021
  • Grateful for the opportunity and one of the coolest festivals to put out work.

    February 2018