Web series, submitted to the REALIST WEB FEST competition, should be produced in 2019-21 and has at least two episodes. We accept feature, documentary, and animated web series of any genre, length, language, and country of origin.

All of the last year’s applications, submitted to the canceled due to the pandemic Realist edition, won’t be ignored and will be considered alongside the new applications.


REALIST WEB FEST is the first in Russia international web series festival created by the Digital Reporter Russia project. During the festival, we show our participants and guests the best examples of the web series - the content completely new for Russia but very well known in the world, created especially for the internet and limited only by ideas, desires, and the courage of the creator.

The main goal of the REALIST Web Fest is to create the first place in Russia to show, watch and discuss this new but booming format, to give it a push, and to become the center of its development in Russia - as a part of the global industry.

REALIST Web Fest takes place in August, in the beautiful city of Nizhny Novgorod, and includes not only live screenings but also business events attended by the professionals of film, TV, and digital industry from all over the world, Russian film and TV-stars, directors, producers, and representatives of online video services. We also love to party - and we do it every night!

Competition Prizes:

* The Best Web Series.
* The Best Director.
* The Best Script.
* The Best Idea.
* The Best Character.
* The Best Pilot.


In addition, the Jury can award a Special Mention. In this case, the winner is presented with a Jury diploma (no more than 1 (one)).

The Festival also awards:

A Special Prize from the organizers of the Festival, the media platform Digital Reporter.

A Special Prize from the Jury of Russian online streaming services and digital platforms.

The third international web series festival “REALIST WEB FEST” (hereafter: “the Festival”) in Nizhny Novgorod is a showcase and competition of web series that have been expertly evaluated by members of the Selection Committee.
The goal of the Festival is to present the latest works in the web series format, regardless of the country of production; to promote the web series format both in Russia and internationally; to popularize this type of cinema; to discover new names in the field of web production, and to create the industry of production and promotion of web series both within Russia and abroad.
The third Russian web series festival “REALIST WEB FEST” takes place in Nizhny Novgorod on July 29 - August 1, 2021.
The program of the Festival and the procedure of the films’ presentation are determined by the General Management of the Festival.
Episodes (no more than two) of web series, produced in 2019-21, made in any language, accompanied by English subtitles, are eligible for participation in the main Competition Program of the Festival. Web series that are submitted for participation in the competition must have at least two completed episodes ready for the evaluation of the jury. In the case of their selection for competition, digital copies of the episode are provided in the following way: they are uploaded to a file-sharing service and a link is sent to the address: info@webfestival.ru
Out-of-competition programs are formed by the Programming Committee of the Festival.
The web series that are eligible for the Competition Program are submitted to the Festival’s General Management in the form of web links via the online entry form on the Festival website webfestival.ru, e-mail: info@webfestival.ru, or FilmFreeway page during the period from March 16, 2021, to May 30, 2021. Web series submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
The ultimate decision to include a film in the Competition Program of the Festival is taken by the Selection Committee, which reserves the right not to explain the reason behind rejection and not to comment on their decisions.
If the decision is made to include the web series in the Festival’s program, which is announced by an official invitation, simultaneously with the confirmation of participation, the General Management should be sent the necessary accompanying documents, information, and promotional materials within the deadlines set by the Festival’s General Management.
The accompanying documents and materials for the official participant of the main Competition Program of the Festival include:
* a signed Agreement that transfers the rights to public screening as part of the Festival’s events;
* materials for the Festival’s catalog (a synopsis in English and/or Russian; a biography and a filmography of the director in English and/or Russian; a photo of the director; photographs or stills from the web series);
* a teaser and/or trailer for the purposes of promotion, advertising, and presentation;
* the submitted web series with English subtitles.
The films of the Competition Program are evaluated by the main Jury, which is composed of Russian and foreign specialists in the field of cinema, the Internet, mass communications, digital projects; the Jury includes at least 5 (five) people.
The Jury cannot include persons that participate in the creation or in the commercial distribution of the works in the Competition. The Jury has no right not to award a prize in any of the nominations. All members of the Jury undertake to refrain from making any public statements about the Competition participants before the announcement of the results at the Festival’s Closing Ceremony.
The General Management shall bear the expenses for the stay of each member of the Jury at the Festival.
In addition, the works participating in the Competition can be evaluated from the point of view of their commercial potential by the Jury, specially invited by the Festival’s General Management, consisting of representatives of Russian online streaming services and digital platforms.
Questions concerning the invitation of guests and participants of the Festival, as well as terms and conditions of their stay and their accreditation at the Festival are within the purview of the General Management, and participation at the expense of the Festival is possible only on condition of a signed agreement about the participation in the Festival with the Festival’s General Management.
The participation of a web series in the Competition Program of the Festival presupposes the presence of 1 (one) representative of the production crew. The General Management bears the expenses for the organization of travel, visa support (if necessary), and accommodation for 5 (five) days of duration of the Festival. The General Management is ready to partially pay the cost of the stay of a second member of the crew of a web series participating in the Competition Program.
The General Management reserves the right to invite guests without regard to their direct participation in the creation of web series in Competition or Out-of-competition Programs.
To cover the work of the Festival, mass media organizations send an application for accreditation of their journalists/correspondents to the address of the Press Center of the Festival, which should be signed and stamped by the head of the media organization. The Applications can be submitted from June 1 to July 20, 2021.
The list of documents and materials necessary for the consideration of the possibility of providing accreditation:
* An application with the letterhead of the organization, signed and stamped by the head of the represented media organization, indicating: the full name of the journalist/correspondent being sent, a description of the organization, and its official registration number;
* A set of publications about cinema, film festivals, questions of the development of the Internet, and digital content for the period of 2018–21 (links or scans).
The General Management reserves the right to refuse to provide a media representative with accreditation without explaining the reasons.
All expenses for the stay of a journalist/correspondent at the Festival are borne by the sending organization.
The General Management has the right to invite individual journalists/correspondents with full or partial coverage of expenses for a period approved by the General Management only on condition of a signed agreement with the General Management about the participation in the Festival.
In this case, the invited journalists undertake to attend all the screenings, master classes, pitch sessions, and discussions held during the Festival.
The Festival’s General Management has the right to deprive the journalist/correspondent of their accreditation at any time and to limit their presence at the Festival events without explaining the reasons.
The Festival’s General Management does not cover the expenses of a journalist/correspondent sent to the Festival by their media organization; the expenses of such persons are borne by their organizations.
Accreditation cards of participants, guests, representatives of the media, film, and Internet industry are issued only after the presentation of a valid passport and a current photo in the Festival’s Office in Nizhny Novgorod. The release and transfer of accreditation cards to third parties are prohibited.
If the accreditation card is lost, its re-issue is left to the discretion of the General Management and may be accompanied by a fine.
The Festival’s winners are awarded Prizes in the form of statues and Diplomas of the Festival.
The following prizes and diplomas are awarded at the “REALIST WEB FEST” Festival:
Competition Prizes:
* The Best Web Series: a statue.
* The Best Direction: a statue.
* The Best Script: a statue.
* The Best Idea: a statue.
* The Best Character: a statue.
* The Best Pilot: a statue.
In addition, the Jury can award a Special Mention. In this case, the winner is presented with a Jury diploma (no more than 1 (one)).
The Festival also awards:
A Special Prize from the organizers of the Festival, the media platform Digital Reporter: a certificate;
A Special Prize from the Jury of Russian online streaming services and digital platforms: a diploma.
Producers of the prize-winning web series commit to use the official logo of the Festival and the exact formulations of awards recorded in the winner’s diploma in their promotional materials, with the mention of the third international web series festival «REALIST WEB FEST».
Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all the articles of this Rules and Regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Françoise Siqueira

    Great experience!! Unfortunately, due to COVID, we couldn't be in person, but the festival did everything they could to include us in the festival!

    Thank you all for choosing VALERIANAS to your amazing festival!

    August 2021
  • Nathan Ceddia

    Amazing people amazing festival :)

    October 2019
  • Unfortunately we could not attend the festival which looked fantastic. Great communication and honored to have our web series Demonologist For Hire selected.

    August 2019
  • Shanghai Vancouver Film School 上海温哥华电影学院

    Fantastic Event, I would recommend everyone submit and attend. Great opportunity for networking, beautiful city, wonderfully organized.

    August 2019
  • Las Paquitas del Humor

    An amazing experience! A wonderful festival to see the best webseries of the moment, a wonderful place to be and know Russia and wonderful people to meet

    August 2019