Making feature films is hard, it's something you do not start with if you're not passionate (or crazy), especially if you haven't found the necessary budget to make it happen. Nevertheless, many of you are one or the other, or even both, and made that film project anyway.

We truly admire that.

​So, the annual Real Deal low budget film festival is there to promote independent quality films (Feature, short and documentary films) made under low budget conditions.

We want to highlight talented producers, film directors, actors, actresses and crews whose creation(s) have not been able to benefit from major financial aid by showing their films to other more established professionals.

​A film made by passionated people, is what it's all about!
A film made by passionated people, is the real deal!

Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Female Director
Best Male Director
Best Cinematography
Best Scenario
Best Music
Best Sound
Best Kiss
Best Vilain
Best Badass
Best WTF moment
Best Actress (main and support)
Best Actor (main and support)
Best Non-gender actor/actress (main and support)

Some general requirements :
We accept fiction as well as documentary of any kind or genre (Feature and short)

The film was produced in 2016 or later

We will ask you for the budget of your film and we will make distinctions if necessary

You'll be asked to deliver us a link to a trailer and a picture of your film

You'll be asked to give us the names of your crew (Sound engineer, Music, Actors, Cinematographer, ...)

By submitting your film, you agree:
You own all the rights to your film

Entry fees are not refundable

We can use elements of your film (including clips, trailer and poster) for promotional purposes

When you submit a film, we may share your name, some images or other information for our press releases and marketing,

Some general information :

​The Real Deal Low Budget Film Festival award event will take place on September 13th 2022 @ Chez Bobbi in Ittre, Belgium

You may submit unfinished work for consideration but we do recommend submitting finished work

We will be watching every film and note them all. You will receive our notations regardless if you are considered for a nomination.