This event is organized by the nonprofit organization "RAKSA-Ciné Paris" registered in Paris at the "Maison des associations", in the 16th district of Paris.

RAKSA is "a dance" in Arabic. RAKSA programs films which treat the subject of "the body." RAKSA offers specific sections dedicated to Arab films. RAKSA remains open to different forms of films and for international filmmakers.

We are looking for fiction films, documentary films, experimental films, dance films, and music videos.

"Audience Awards" : the audience attending will be asked to vote for the best film in each competing section. All films can compete for the audience awards.

Special Jury Award for "Best Arabic Filmmaker": This award will be dedicated by the Jury for a dance film directed by an Arab Filmmaker.


— All films of any style or length, will be considered for the international section. Only films made by an Arabic director are considered for the arabic section.

— There are no specific production date or premiere required.

— Only films made by an Arabic director/producer or Arabic film school/university are considered for the Arabic section. Only films made by a French director/producer or French film school/university are considered for the french section.

Selected films will be requested in their native frame rate in QuickTime format using one of the following codecs: ProRes, ProRes HQ, or ProRes 4444. DCP, H264 or a DVD may be requested as an additional option

— The individual or production company submitting the film hereby warrants that they have cleared all necessary copyrights, including any underlying rights, to submit this film and its supporting materials to RAKSA-Ciné Paris and will hold RAKSA-Ciné Paris harmless from and against any and all third party claims.

— By submitting your film, "RAKSA CIné-Danse du Monde" is hereby granted the right to utilize any submitted materials, including video and still images for purposes of promotion of the 2019 Festival.

— Once submitted, a film can cancel its application after a maximum duration of 2 weeks. The submission fees are non-refundable.

*Only short filmmakers who accepts to be part of the Feature film project can apply to this section. By applying to this section, the film will only be considered for this project. For the festival selection, an applicant must apply to the other sections which are reviewed by a different committee.

-The applicant can submit several short films as long as they fit under the concept of "discrimination and inequality" and/or treat the concept of the body.

-There is no limitation to the genre of the film.
-The maximum duration of the short film is 30 minutes.

- After the selection the director will be contacted to sign a distribution contract with RAKSA-Ciné Paris.

- No alteration to any of the films will be done without consulting with the directors

-All selected directors will have to approve on the final edit of the feature film or RAKSA will have to reconsider the final edit

-After signing the distribution contract, a director has 2 weeks to remove his film from the selection if he wishes.

-RAKSA has the right to show the feature film in its festival, and/or with its partners in France, in order to promote the film.

Any additional detail will be negotiated directly with the director after the selection.

Overall Rating
  • Fu LE

    A sweet and young festival in the heart of Paris :)

    January 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Fu LE! Can't wait to see your new projects!
    RaKSA Team

  • Janique L Robillard

    I was unable to attend in person, but had wonderful communication with Rami leading up to the screening. I'm very excited for this new festival, was impressed by all their social media and video content they put out leading up to the festival, and their follow-up afterwards to let me know how screening went. Hopefully I will have more projects to share with RAKSA in the future and will be able to attend in person :) Thank you!

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for review Janique!

    We loved your film and were happy to screen it as part of "La Danse du Monde". Good luck with your future projects and we hope to see you soon in Paris!


    RAKSA Team