RAINBOW VISIONS is Edmonton’s LGBTQ film festival! Launched in 2015, the 3rd edition is set to take place from NOVEMBER 2nd to 5th, 2017!

Our inaugural edition featured such acclaimed films as: NAZ & MAALIK, TANGERINE, and our Audience Award Winner, BOY MEETS GIRL, and featured a guest appearance by iconic Canadian 'punk' filmmaker Bruce LaBruce.

Year 2 was even bigger and better, as we featured some of 2016's hottest queer-themed films, including PUSHING DEAD, PARIS 05:59, FIRST GIRL I LOVED, GROWING UP COY, SLASH, and our Audience Award Winner, MAJOR!

As with our sister festival, NORTHWESTFEST, our mandate is to find and showcase new & emerging filmmaking talent, and we will be programming this year's edition almost entirely from the submissions we receive!

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RAINBOW VISIONS is produced by the Global Visions Festival Society, a non-profit society that produces 2 Edmonton-based festival each year: Rainbow Visions - Edmonton's LGBTQ Film Festival, and the NorthwestFest International Documentary & Media Arts Festival.

Awards & Prizes

Audience Award for Best Feature
Jury Prize for Best Feature Film
Jury Prize for Best Short Film

Rules & Terms


We accept online submissions only.

2017 RAINBOW VISIONS FILM FESTIVAL ("RVFF") Submission Regulations and Guidelines

Participation in Rainbow Visions implies understanding and acceptance of the following Guidelines and Regulations. Filmmakers are responsible for the accuracy of all submitted materials.

Important Dates

June 30, 2017: Early bird pricing deadline

Regular Submission Deadline: July 31, 2017

Extended Submission Deadline: August 13, 2017

September 15, 2017 Notification of Official Selections

October 20, 2017 Deadline for receipt of exhibition prints (unless otherwise arranged with programming)

November 2, 2017: Rainbow Visions Opening Night

November 5, 2017: Rainbow Visions Closing Night & Awards Announced

*Please note The Festival will not view entries received after the Submission Deadline.


RVFF accepts submissions of documentaries and narrative films of all lengths for inclusion in the festival. ALL topics and subject matter is welcome, as long as the film's themes are relevant and/or pertaining to LGBTQ issues.

Requirements for eligibility for 2017 selection:

The film was completed after May 1, 2016, and was not previously submitted to Rainbow Visions. If you submitted your film to NORTHWESTFEST, it WILL be eligible for consideration, and we will be happy to grant you a fee waiver - just drop us a note at info@rainbowvisions.ca.
All applicable licenses and waivers of copyrights, moral rights, trademarks and other such intellectual property rights have been secured by the filmmaker(s)
All applicable legal waivers have been obtained from all participants
Exhibition print(s) will be complete and available for screening in Edmonton between November 2-5, 2017
Exhibition print must be available on DCP, Blu-Ray, or via Digital File.
Feature length and Short film preview screeners WILL ONLY be accepted as secure online links!
Films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English
Shipping/mailing costs must be pre-paid, and insurance is recommended
Submission packages must be post-marked with all applicable fees and enclosures by the deadline
PRIORITY will be given to films that have not screened in Edmonton, either theatrically or broadcast, and not available online for public viewing.

Early bird Deadline of June 30, 2017:

Feature length films (60min and up): $25

Short films (59min and under): $15

Regular Deadline July 31, 2017:

Feature length films (60min and up): $40

Short films (59min and under): $20

EXTENDED Late Deadline August 13, 2017:

Feature length films (60min and up): $50

Short films (59min and under): $25

Rainbow Visions is pleased to WAIVE FEES for all ALBERTA submissions. Proof must be provided for the following criteria used to determine eligibility:

Albertan location, resident Albertan Writer, resident Albertan Producer, resident Albertan Director, Albertan funding source (with supporting documentation/letter).


*Pre entry submission fees are non-refundable.

Preference will be given to submissions that have not been distributed/screened theatrically or broadcast on television in Alberta prior to the 2017 Festival. All submissions are screened and evaluated by the RVFF Programming Committee. Designation of a selected film’s exhibition date(s), time(s), and location(s) is at the sole discretion of the Festival. The decisions of the Programmers are final. In addition, the entrant grants Rainbow Visions the right to exhibit the selected film up to 2 times during the Festival, in addition to Press screenings (this may include ONLINE press screenings).

Upon notification of selection, the entrant agrees to immediately supply RVFF with publicity materials and grants the Festival the right to utilize such materials for promotional purposes and to broadcast and/or screen clips.

The following is a list of materials required for each film once accepted at the Festival:

• Electronic press kit

• Film poster(s), hand bills, or associated collateral for Box Office & Venue

• Select promotional clips and/or film trailer

• Secure screener links for Publicity

• (1) BLU-RAY (or DVD) backup, clean of watermarks and warnings, for projection backup

• (min. 3) High resolution promo images (min 300 dpi)

• Film website or trailer URL

Applicants will be notified by email regarding the results of the Festival’s selection process by September 5, 2017. Please do not contact the Programming Department regarding the status of your submission before that date.

Upon selection, participants will be contacted via email by the Programming director with specific shipping instructions. Exhibition prints must arrive at the Festival office by October 20, 2017. Incoming shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the participant unless otherwise negotiated. Invited films must be shipped pre-paid, with all the necessary commercial invoices and customs paid, with return (or next festival) shipping information including the name of your preferred courier company and your account number.

Shipping of Exhibition Prints

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity Provisions

Although RVFF will take every reasonable precaution for the safekeeping and proper handling of entry and exhibition materials, including the Exhibition Print(s), from the time of receipt to the time of release to the Applicant’s courier company or shipping agent, RVFF shall not be liable to Applicant, his or her heirs, legal representatives, or dependents, or their respective assignees, for loss or damage to entry and exhibition materials arising out of the transportation to and from the Festival or the operations of RVFF, its officers, directors, agents, successors and assigns.

Notwithstanding the above, RVFF’s liability for claims, costs, losses, damages of any kind or any other cause, including but not limited to liability for any fundamental breach of this agreement or for patent or copyright infringement and regardless of the form of action, shall not exceed the fees paid hereunder for the submission to the Festival. The fees charged by RVFF reflect the allocation of risk herein and the limited recourse to the Applicant provided for in this Agreement.

In addition, International participants should note that RVFF will not assume responsibility for, nor will it accept shipments incurring expenses for terminal charges, duties, taxes or customs brokerage.

Finally, Applicant shall indemnify and hold RVFF harmless of and from any and all claims, losses, liabilities (including negligence, tort and strict liability), damages, judgments, suits or legal proceedings, including court costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys’ fees, related to the use by RVFF of the entry and exhibition materials, including but not limited to any claim that the Applicant’s entry and exhibition materials violates the intellectual property rights of another party.

Accepted formats for exhibition:
DCP, Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital File (ie Vimeo).

For more information on submissions please contact: info@rainbowvisions.ca

2 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    EV Moore

    Rainbow Visions was my first experience of having my film screened at a festival and honestly, I think I'm a little spoiled now. The festival was so well-organised and put together and the program of features was world class, I was so honoured to have my short screen as part of it. I was fortunate enough to have a friend in Toronto who knew people in Edmonton who went on my behalf to take a few photos for my Facebook page and the venue was gorgeous! They also got a great write up in the Edmonton Journal, which is always so good for filmmakers in terms of having credible press and proof of your film's reach. Communication was really good from the beginning - clear guidelines on when to announce, laurels, responsive social media presence and clear instructions on how to submit a DCP. Rainbow Visions will have a special place in my heart forever and I will be sure to submit my future queer films here! Congrats to Guy and the team for a world class, polished and very well organised festival!

    November 2017
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    Michelle Clay

    Rainbow Visions realized I was coming four days before I arrived in Edmonton. Every member of the board and staff that I encountered were Beyond Amazing. The movie house where we screened was beautiful. I could not have asked for a more brilliant exhibition. Guy, you and your crew ROCK! Thanks so much for having us! Filmmakers, look North!

    November 2016