Radical Film Festival (RWFF) celebrates stories by and for ALL womλn, from around the world.

Based in Sydney we are encouraging both local and international film-makers to submit their films. We want to hear the voices of all our sisters from around the world, of any age, so please join the competition! We will be giving priority to lesbian stories.

The best short films will be selected by our local jury and screened live in a popular Sydney theatre. The selected films will compete for the Audience Award.

1. Films must have women in at least two key roles: producer, writer, director to be selected.
2. The fee is non-refundable under any circumstances, regardless of whether or not your short is selected for screening.
4. All shorts must be less than 18 minutes in length to be selected.
5. We don't mind if the film has screened before. We don't mind where it's from or where/when it's set.
6. By submitting a film, you guarantee that your entry is your original work and does not infringe on the copyright or other rights of third parties.
7. The festival will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement as it is the responsibility of the body submitting the film to ensure proper copyright clearance.
8. By submitting your film, you accept that we may use stills from chosen films as promotional material for the festival.
9. By submitting your film to the festival you agree that the festival might select your film for screening and in case of a selection, you will not be able to withdraw your film from the festival screening selection.
10. If your film is selected we will require that you provide us with a copy in as high a quality format as possible to ensure its best presentation.


Our organising committee and programming team will watch the submitted shorts and give them a score for each of the criteria listed below. To finalise a short-list, we will consider the total cumulative scores received by each film, as well as the overall fit with both the theme and features programme.

The criteria for this year’s festival are:

1. Production practice - Films must have a female director to be considered, we will also consider formal and aesthetic questions related to the presence of a women behind the camera.
2. Production quality and aesthetic tone - We are not interested in the budget of your film but in how well you have told your particular story and conveyed your creative approach given the tools at your disposal.
3. Crew - We will take into account the involvement of women as filmmakers in the crew, particularly in the high-level creative roles of writer, producer, editor, but also other below-the-line positions as members of the camera and sound crew.
4. Entertainment value - This is about how successfully your film moves and involves the judges within its own genre and context. We are looking for compelling, absorbing, interesting and/or entertaining films.
5. Representation - Relatable/interesting/diverse/prominent female characters.
6. Narration Value - No matter what the story you are telling is we want to see value in the writing and the construction of your characters.

Overall Rating
  • Mia Jessup

    We had such a wonderful experience with Radical Womyn Film Festival! We wish we could have attended but we are in the US - however, communication was top notch!

    February 2020