The ROFest.Trends Film Festival aims to bring to Chicago the newest trends in the Romanian short and feature fiction, praised internationally for their intricate stories and robust characters. Our public will have the chance to watch some of the most acclaimed Romanian movies while interacting with their producers and actors.

This film festival has two collateral goals. Firstly, to feature stories that expose the many facets of Romania – starting from the historical perspective, going through the social one, and ending with current concerns and personal struggles. The second goal is to facilitate the dialogue between various cultures, and, more precisely, between the American and the Romanian ones.

The 4th edition of the ROFest.Trends Film Festival Chicago takes place this year in a hybrid format. Between June 17-19 the festival will organise onsite screenings in Chicago, USA, and between June 20 – and July 4 all the productions will be available online on our streaming platform.
ROFest Trends Festival aims to promote Romanian contemporary cinematography - both feature films and short films- among the American public and, specifically, within the Romanian community of Chicago.

The following films may take part in the festival: fiction feature, documentaries, short films both feature and animation (with a running time not exceeding 30 minutes - including credits) with mainly Romanian artistic participation (i.e. either the producer, director, the scriptwriter is Romanian) completed after 2020. Both preview and screening copies must have English subtitles (does not apply to films where English is the original language). No premiere is required.
All the submissions to all categories are free of charge.
The deadline for submitting films for selection is June 10th, 2022.
Films will be submitted for selection via an online screener sent at
Out of the films submitted for selection, the organisers will select the films to be screened at the festival.
Applicants will be informed if the film has been selected by e-mail at least 2 days before the beginning of the festival.
The selected films will be announced by the organisers via FilmFreeway, at and via e-mail as soon as the selection process is completed.
After receiving information on the selection, the applicant will be required to provide no later than June 13th the following (for promotional purposes and inclusion in the Festival program):
1. synopsis (no more than 450 characters);
2. 3 HD stills from the film;
3. director’s picture and biography;
4. producer's biography;
5. list of awards and previous selections, if applicable;
6. dialogue list in the original language and in English;
7. technical information;
8. trailer;
Any additional information can be obtained from the festival office:

− After receiving information about the qualification for the Festival, the applicant is not permitted to withdraw the film from the festival.
− The festival may organise no more than 3 screenings of one film.
− For the screenings - the accepted format for all screenings in the Festival is Full HD Video file to be sent on email via a link transfer or FileMail.
Senders are responsible for tracking their emails.

− The applicant consents that the Festival has the right to use any and all materials sent via FilmFreeway for promotional purposes, to compile the Festival Catalogue, for publishing on the Festival website, and in any official publications and press materials of the Festival.
− The applicant consents that the Festival has the right to use an excerpt from any selected films for promotional purposes.
− The Festival bears no responsibility for published inaccuracies originating in submitted materials.
− The applicant consents that the Festival may distribute selected films on DVD to the Festival's sponsors.
− The costs of transport of the screening copies as well as all shipping and insurance charges will be entirely borne by the applicant.
− The Festival will not return any materials sent for screening purposes;
− The applicant will ensure all materials sent to the Festival against damage, theft, and civil liability for the duration of the Festival.
− The applicant (individual or corporation submitting the film) warrants that it is authorised to submit the film for the Festival and for screening and understands and accepts these terms and regulations.
− The applicant (individual or corporation submitting the film) shall indemnify and hold harmless the Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses, including but not limited, to attorney's fees and costs of the court, which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening films entered.
− The applicant shall be solely responsible and discharges the Festival from any and all claims, demands, or causes of actions related to misappropriation or infringement of copyright or violation of any other right arising from or relating to the submission of the film;
− The applicant warrants the Festival that they/ it has all rights necessary and is duly authorised to submit the film to the Festival;
− The selected films will be made available to the festival organisers free of charge.
− The festival director determines whether the submitted films will be selected for screening in the Festival. There is no option of appeal against the decision of the festival director.
− The organisers may withdraw from the requirements of the Rules and Regulations for films of exceptional artistic value.
− Submitting a film to the Romanian Film Festival is equivalent to accepting the provisions of these Rules and Regulations.
− All matters not included in these Rules and Regulations shall be determined by the Festival Director.
− The Rules and Regulations of the Festival are in conformity with the International Rules and Regulations issued by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations.

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