RIFF THIRD EDITION will take place on August 8th-12th, 2018.

This festival was born in July 2015. It is settled on a farm over looking Eina Lake, just outside Oslo. Surrounded by breathtaking Norwegian countryside.

Its mission is to build a bridge between the different fields of performing, as well as visual art, and the film industry; hence the subtitle: dance-art-cinema. The festival aims to show films that have a strong element of movement and dance including expressions such as screendance, art films, more traditional and conventional short films and full feature films.

We are aiming to develop RIFF as an important arena to show films of excellence; a platform to give workshops and master talks; a place for special guests and public to share thoughts, knowledge and experiences.

We have celebrated RIFF PRELUDE EDITION in 2015, RIFF FIRST EDITION in 2017 and RIFF SECOND EDITION in 2017. During the second edition, which happened on July 28th-29th 2017, we showed 44 films from all genres, distributed in three screening programs shown at the R.E.D. ARENA and spread out in other programs shown at 7 different areas around R.E.D., our venue. We built a Drive-In-Movie-Theatre, an outdoor cinema in the outskirts of the farm in the woods, where we screened two feature films on a 6 x 19 meter screen at midnight. We offered live performances, shooting stars, concerts, red carpet, and much much more.

The awards list in 2017 is:
Jury Award:
"Listen", by Hamy Ramezan and Rungano Nyoni.
"We No Longer Wait for the Barbarians", by Alain El Sakhawi.
"En Silencio", by Dixon Quitian.
Audience Award:
"Time Between", by Katrine Bull Evensen, Øyvind Jørgensen and Camilla Vanebo.
All the winners got the possibility to have a residency at R.E.D.

The festival offered a five days long laboratory: Francesca Penzani, CAL ARTS professor, leaded the laboratory for the second consecutive year at RIFF, developing the sessions with a professional group of international participants, who shared their work at the end of the laboratory for a sold out screening at R.E.D. ARENA.

As the Hollywood sign was erected in Los Angeles in 1923, Einawood was founded as a neighborhood where motion picture industry is emerging. EINAWOOD sign was inaugurated in Eina, Norway, on July 20th, 2017. The event was leaded by Ella Fiskum, Yolanda M. Guadarrama and Madeline Wood, RIFF Team: director, curator and visual creator of the sign. It is a playful action and also it is reality, as everything happens in the motion picture world.

RIFF is based at R.E.D. (Residency Eina Danz), which is an international, national and regional arena for arts and culture, running with a full year residency program, production house and stage for dance, film, art and interdisciplinary cultural expressions, located at Nyland farm in Eina, Norway. It is newly recognised as a Regional Competence Centre for Dance, founded by Arts Council Norway. It is located one hour and ten minutes from Oslo. R.E.D. was founded by Ella Fiskum.

RIFF – FESTIVAL – NORWAY announces it’s official selection:
- All the films selected get the RIFF PALM with the logo.
Also the festival offers:
- A Jury Award: a Winner Film and an Honorary Mention.
- An Audience Award.
The three winners get the possibility to have a residency at R.E.D.
The residency consist of free lodging, free work space, and an official showing arranged by R.E.D.
Check information about R.E.D in this site: http://ellafiskumdanz.com/r-e-d/program/

We are opened for submission to be able to find those hidden crucial films we need to select, those films out of our normal reach and more. Although, we have started by selecting some few films previously to this call.
-We are looking for films which have strong elements of movement and dance, including expressions such as:
Art Films
Short Films
Feature Films
-We call for films with opened meanings and universal contents, ranging from abstract to strong narrative elements, from experimental and poetic to action driven, having different styles and genre, but always composed with solid visual elements.
-The length of Screendance, Art Film and Short Film pieces must be from 1 to 15 minutes.
-The creator or who submits the film needs to declare to owe the total author rights of the film.
-A creator can submit up to 2 films.
-If needed, and your film is selected, we would ask for English subtitles in the film.
-The fee to participate with screendance, art film and short film is 20 USD in Early Deadline, 25 USD in Regular Deadline and 35 USD in Late Deadline.
-The fee to participate with a feature film is 35 USD in Early Deadline, 40 USD in Regular Deadline and 45 USD in Late Deadline.
-The submission will be opened from January 20th to March 31th, 2018.
-Please, do not send films that were submitted in former editions.
-If your film is accepted, we will need your film in good quality before April 15.
-Ask for a Waiver Discount to riff.dac.official@gmail.com if you have been part of the official selection in previous editions.
For further questions write to: riff.dac.official@gmail.com

Overall Rating
  • Francesca Penzani

    Great Festival, Great Hosts and Organization. Beautiful place and amazing spaces where to watch all the diverse films. Bravo!!

    August 2018