RE-FRAME: Debut Film Festival Vienna is aimed at promoting the debut short films created by young filmmakers from the FLINTA* community.

We focus on low-budget independent productions (films with a budget of less than 7,500 euros) to give space to artistic film experiments and unconventional stories.
The selected films will be screened in June 2023 at Stand129 on Viktor-Adler-Markt. We invite all selected filmmakers in person to Vienna and provide a limited amount of free housing options. Those who are not able to join in person are welcome for a post-screening discussion via Zoom.

Re-Frame is a project of Stand129 initiated and curated by volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps programme.

*The acronym FLINTA stands for women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people - all those who are patriarchally discriminated against because of their gender identity.

Stand129 is one of the venues for This human world – International Human Rights Film Festival and has been hosting screenings of international award-winning films.

To submit a film, you must own the rights for the film.
The duration of films must be less than 20 minutes.
All submitted films must be produced after 2020 and be the debut short film of a director who is no older than 30 years old. An exception can be made for those over 30 who have just recently started studying or working in the film industry.
Films not in English, must have English and/or German subtitles.
The event will take place on June 23 and 24, 2023.
The application to the festival is free of charge.
By submitting your movie, you authorise us to use, distribute, and share the film, poster, trailer, synopsis and movie stills on our social media, online and during the festival.
We provide a limited option of free housing in Vienna; more details will follow after the selection process.
There is no competition programme.
Accepted projection formats: mp4, mov (FullHD, 4K)
The deadline for applications is May 10th.