The Quibdó Africa Film Festival invites us to explore this symbolic space of encounter between Africa and its Diaspora through films screenings, workshops, conferences and artistic exhibitions in an adventure towards the unknown, in a journey oscillating between past, present and future towards a place that is both memory and representation; a place that invites us to see what we have been and what we have managed to be.

We present this event that brings together Afro vanguard filmmakers as an artistic and cultural current that claims new identities through art and historical fantasy and that dialogues in this artistic maelstrom, with films made by women and men, in which they and their works are the ones that get out of any oppressive frame that we want to install in their lives.

The Baobab is a mythical tree steeped in history, a symbol of peace, non-violence, and longevity. It is certainly the most famous tree in Africa and also the most easily recognizable. If you cross a baobab, you will not be able to ignore it! We meet, we listen to the griot in the shade of the baobab. Many legends are built around the baobab. The baobab can live for up to 1000 years and sometimes beyond.

Best Feature Film Award
Best Feature Film Director Prize
Best documentary Director Prize
Jury Prize for Best Documentary
Best Experimental Film Prize
Best Animation Film Prize
Best Director of Photography Prize
Best Script Prize
Best Soundtrack Prize
SUDU Prize for Best Short Film

Filmmakers and producers from around the world are invited to submit their films to the competition in the above-mentioned categories: Fiction, Documentary, Animation and Experimental, as well as other technical and artistic categories.

The competition is open to both filmmakers of African descent and non-African filmmakers who tell the story of Africa from a different perspective. All the short films entered may be included in the "SUDU Connexion" Competition, composed of thematic programs highlighting the originality and style of the short films, in which they may win the SUDU Award. In addition, since 2020, a jury composed of film professionals: actors, actresses, producers, directors, journalists, will award the prizes.

In addition to the Baobab Prize for feature film, prize money in cash will be distributed among the winners.

The candidate must carefully read all the rules
Attention! By submitting your film to the QAFF, you acknowledge that you have read and adhered to the following standards.
• QAFF accepts films and videos made by both filmmakers of African descent and non-African filmmakers (Filmmaker needn't live in Africa). Preferably, films should depict positive or realistic images.
• Films can be of any genre - drama, comedy, horror, adventure, animation, romance, science fiction, experimental, etc. QAFF accepts features and shorts; narratives and documentaries.
• The festival is here to help the general public to discover the creations arising from Africa and his Diaspora. To support the African film industry by facilitating the broadcasting.
• All submissions must have Spanish subtitles; We can assist you with the translation and srt. file by proposing solutions adapted to your budget.
• QAFF will accept submissions of works in progress. However, your submission must be sufficiently complete to allow our programs to follow the storyline and be able to make a decision. We will only accept one work-in-progress version of your film, so please make sure to make it your best shot. (If you expect your final version to be 90 minutes, a 45 minutes rough cut is probably not acceptable.)

• QAFF host theatre is all-digital. The only accepted projection formats for Feature Films are DCP, online link. For Short Films, you will be asked to submit an online link.
• If there are any updates for projection formats, you will receive them with your acceptance notification.
• We will not take DVDs. DVDs are strongly discouraged because they are unreliable for public presentation due to skipping, stopping, and other playback defects.
• QAFF will not accept watermarked films for public display.
• Promotional materials of your film must be send by mail.
• Copies of the selected films are kept in the QAFF archives as “memory-copies” for our records.
• QAFF is a non-profit organization. We exist thanks to the donations received from all people. As a result, the QAFF can not host directors and other professionals that officially selected during their stay in Quibdó, but we can help those who desire to come and find a solution.
• The films are under the responsibility of QAFF as soon as they are received. QAFF covers the insurance fees. QAFF responsibility ended when the copies returned. In case of loss or deterioration during the festival, QAFF is only responsible for the value of the film copy.
• In case of a dispute, if no agreement has founded, only the Quibdó jurisdictional court is deemed competent to settle the dispute.

Overall Rating
  • I loved being involved in this festival.

    September 2022
  • Thomas Belet

    Very pertinent and interesting Festival. We're really proud that our film was selected in the QAFF. Very professional and serious, and it does make sense about their actions for Afrocolombian's empowerment.

    September 2022
  • Julius Morno

    A festival that I really enjoyed being part of. Thanks!

    August 2022
  • Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye

    Many thanks to the Festival for selecting I HAVE A DREAM.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for being part of what we want to be a window on the world... Merry Christmas

  • Tis is a must see Festival!

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for sharing your story with our audience... Merry Christmas.